SPAN 6657A


Violence & Culture; Moments in Argentine History
Three-week course, first session

The course aims at introducing and analyzing some of the most important crossroads marked by violence in Argentina´s history. It will cover from the years of political conflicts and the confrontations against the native populations during the XIXth Century until contemporary femicides and the resistance of the feminist organization “Ni una menos”. These issues would be interrogated through literary texts (Sarmiento, Mansilla, Lugones, Castelnuovo, Borges, Cortázar, Ocampo, Molloy, Sarlo, etc.), journalism (interviews and chronicles), painting, comics and musics of diverse genre (tango, rock, cumbia).
Discussions will be framed in literary criticism and sociology of culture concepts. However, it is important to understand that it is not indispensable nor mandatory to have any special or previous knowledge of these disciplines.
(.5 Unit) Material provided by the professor.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Language School
Requirements Fulfilled:
Civ Cul & Soc Literature


Summer 2019 Language Schools, LS 3 Week Session I

SPAN6657AA-L19 Lecture