SPAN 0210

Intermediate Spanish I

Intermediate Spanish I
A course designed to consolidate the skills attained in SPAN 0101, SPAN 0102, and 0103 or the equivalent (0105). A grammar review will accompany an intensive component of readings, discussions, and compositions. (SPAN 0103, SPAN 0105, or placement) 3 hrs. lect./disc.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
SPAN 0215
SPAN 0220 *


Spring 2014

SPAN0210A-S14 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0210B-S14 Lecture (Aguirre Perez)
SPAN0210C-S14 Lecture (Rohena-Madrazo)
SPAN0210D-S14 Lecture (Rohena-Madrazo)

Fall 2013

SPAN0210A-F13 Lecture (Saldarriaga)
SPAN0210C-F13 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0210D-F13 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)
SPAN0210E-F13 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)

Spring 2013

SPAN0210A-S13 Lecture (Rohena-Madrazo)
SPAN0210B-S13 Lecture (Castaneda)
SPAN0210C-S13 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0210D-S13 Lecture (Woolson)

Fall 2012

SPAN0210A-F12 Lecture (Sierra-Rivera)
SPAN0210B-F12 Lecture (Sierra-Rivera)
SPAN0210C-F12 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0210D-F12 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0210E-F12 Lecture (Veguez)

Spring 2012

SPAN0210A-S12 Lecture (Pareja)
SPAN0210B-S12 Lecture (Feldman)
SPAN0210C-S12 Lecture (Feldman)

Fall 2011

SPAN0210A-F11 Lecture (Gamero De Coca)
SPAN0210B-F11 Lecture (Gamero De Coca)
SPAN0210C-F11 Lecture (Manrique-Gomez)
SPAN0210D-F11 Lecture (Manrique-Gomez)

Spring 2011

SPAN0210A-S11 Lecture (Gamero De Coca)
SPAN0210C-S11 Lecture (Reyes Giardiello)
SPAN0210D-S11 Lecture (Reyes Giardiello)

Fall 2010

SPAN0210A-F10 Lecture (Garcia)
SPAN0210B-F10 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)
SPAN0210C-F10 Lecture (Chavez- Castañeda)
SPAN0210D-F10 Lecture (Manrique-Gomez)
SPAN0210E-F10 Lecture (Manrique-Gomez)

Spring 2010

SPAN0210A-S10 Lecture (Pareja)
SPAN0210B-S10 Lecture (Pareja)
SPAN0210C-S10 Lecture (Garcia)
SPAN0210D-S10 Lecture (Garcia)

Fall 2009

SPAN0210A-F09 Lecture (Fernandez)
SPAN0210B-F09 Lecture (Fernandez)
SPAN0210C-F09 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0210D-F09 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0210E-F09 Lecture (Fernandez)

Spring 2009

SPAN0210A-S09 Lecture
SPAN0210B-S09 Lecture (Pareja)
SPAN0210C-S09 Lecture (Rigo de Alonso)
SPAN0210D-S09 Lecture (Veguez)

Fall 2008

SPAN0210A-F08 Lecture (Garcia)
SPAN0210B-F08 Lecture (Fernandez)
SPAN0210C-F08 Lecture (Rigo de Alonso)
SPAN0210D-F08 Lecture (Garcia)
SPAN0210E-F08 Lecture (Fernandez)

Spring 2008

SPAN0210A-S08 Lecture (Santiago)
SPAN0210B-S08 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0210C-S08 Lecture (Santiago)
SPAN0210D-S08 Lecture (Santiago)

Fall 2007

SPAN0210A-F07 Lecture (Fernandez)
SPAN0210B-F07 Lecture (Fernandez)
SPAN0210C-F07 Lecture (Andreu-Sprigg)
SPAN0210D-F07 Lecture (Andreu-Sprigg)
SPAN0210E-F07 Lecture (Swarthout)

Spring 2007

SPAN0210A-S07 Lecture (Swarthout)
SPAN0210B-S07 Lecture (Ugaz)
SPAN0210C-S07 Lecture (Ugaz)

Fall 2006

SPAN0210A-F06 Lecture (Bejar)
SPAN0210B-F06 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0210C-F06 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0210D-F06 Lecture (Andreu-Sprigg)
SPAN0210E-F06 Lecture (Andreu-Sprigg)

Spring 2006

SPAN0210A-S06 Lecture (Saldarriaga)
SPAN0210B-S06 Lecture (Veguez)
SPAN0210C-S06 Lecture (Veguez)

Fall 2005

SPAN0210A-F05 Lecture (Bejar)
SPAN0210B-F05 Lecture (Bejar)
SPAN0210C-F05 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0210D-F05 Lecture (Saldarriaga)
SPAN0210E-F05 Lecture (Saldarriaga)

Spring 2005

SPAN0210A-S05 Lecture (Bejar)
SPAN0210B-S05 Lecture (Andreu-Sprigg)
SPAN0210C-S05 Lecture (Saldarriaga)
SPAN0210D-S05 Lecture (Saldarriaga)

Fall 2004

SPAN0210A-F04 Lecture (Veguez)
SPAN0210B-F04 Lecture (Veguez)
SPAN0210C-F04 Lecture (Andreu-Sprigg)
SPAN0210D-F04 Lecture (Andreu-Sprigg)
SPAN0210E-F04 Lecture (Woolson)

Spring 2004

SPAN0210A-S04 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0210B-S04 Lecture (Gonzalez Zenteno)
SPAN0210C-S04 Lecture (Woolson)
SPAN0210D-S04 Lecture (Woolson)

Fall 2003

SPAN0210A-F03 Lecture (Veguez)
SPAN0210B-F03 Lecture (Veguez)
SPAN0210C-F03 Lecture (Andreu-Sprigg)
SPAN0210D-F03 Lecture (Andreu-Sprigg)