RUSS 3303

Advanced Intermediate Russian

For students with 300 hours of prior formal classroom instruction in Russian. In this class students review the basic grammatical and syntactical structures of the Russian language and focus their attention on more challenging structures of the language such as participles, comparative forms, and verbs of motion. At the end of the summer most students have an active vocabulary approaching 2,000 words. Readings for the class include poetry, short stories, and longer prose works, as well as newspaper articles. During half the summer program significant time is devoted to watching television news reports and reading news items. Students typically complete this course with intermediate-mid to intermediate high language skills.
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Summer 2023 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L23 Lecture

Summer 2022 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L22 Lecture (Pearce, Almuratova, Leonenko)

Summer 2021 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L21 Lecture (Dengub, Black, Leshcheva, Nazarova, Savenkova, Solovieva)

Summer 2020 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L20 Lecture (Dengub, Burvikova, Kozlovskaya, Nazarova, Ossorgin, Savenkova)

Summer 2019 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L19 Lecture (Titkova, Kostiuk, Soyan, Volchkevich)

Summer 2018 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L18 Lecture (Titkova, Kostiuk, Volchkevich)

Summer 2017 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L17 Lecture (Titkova, Kopotev, Kostiuk, Volchkevich)

Summer 2016 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L16 Lecture (Titkova, Kostiuk, Zaynuldinov)

Summer 2015 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L15 Lecture (Titkova, Kostiuk, Yakubovich, Zaynuldinov)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

RUSS3303A-L14 Lecture (Titkova, Kostiuk, Yakubovich, Zaynuldinov)

Summer 2013

RUSS3303A-L13 Lecture (Titkova, Kostiuk, Zaynuldinov)

Summer 2012

RUSS3303A-L12 Lecture (Titkova)
RUSS3303B-L12 Lecture (Titkova)
RUSS3303C-L12 Lecture (Kostiuk)

Summer 2011

RUSS3303A-L11 Lecture (Titkova, Kostiuk, Zaynuldinov)
RUSS3303B-L11 Lecture (Titkova, Kostiuk, Zaynuldinov)
RUSS3303C-L11 Lecture (Kostiuk, Titkova, Zaynuldinov)

Summer 2010

RUSS3303A-L10 Lecture (Titkova, Kononova, Kostiuk)
RUSS3303B-L10 Lecture (Kostiuk)
RUSS3303C-L10 Lecture (Titkova, Kononova, Kostiuk)

Summer 2009

RUSS3303A-L09 Lecture (Titkova)
RUSS3303B-L09 Lecture (Kostiuk)
RUSS3303C-L09 Lecture (Shmeleva)

Summer 2008

RUSS3303A-L08 Lecture (Titkova)
RUSS3303B-L08 Lecture (Kostiuk)

Summer 2007

RUSS3303A-L07 Lecture (Titkova)
RUSS3303B-L07 Lecture (Kostiuk)

Summer 2006

RUSS3303A-L06 Lecture (Titkova)
RUSS3303B-L06 Lecture

Summer 2005

RUSS3303A-L05 Lecture (Titkova, Moskvitina)

Summer 2004

RUSS3303A-L04 Lecture (Titkova, Goldberg)