RUSS 3102

Introductory Russian

For students with very little or no previous classroom instruction in Russian. Starting from scratch, with a weekend “survival Russian” course before taking the language pledge, students learn the alphabet and learn to read and understand spoken Russian, learn to write and speak Russian in basic and predictable contexts (ordering a meal in a restaurant, asking directions on the street). Students master the basic grammatical structures of the language and acquire a beginning vocabulary, practiced in weekly compositions. Students completing this course typically have novice high or intermediate low language skills.
Language School
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Summer 2021 Language Schools

RUSS3102A-L21 Lecture (Yakubovich, Cherashneva, Schlegel, Stanton, Weygandt)

Summer 2020 Language Schools

RUSS3102A-L20 Lecture (Yakubovich, Cherashneva, Myers, Schlegel, Stanton, Weygandt)

Summer 2019 Language Schools

RUSS3102A-L19 Lecture (Yakubovich, Cherashneva, Karageorgos, Stanton)

Summer 2018 Language Schools

RUSS3102A-L18 Lecture (Yakubovich, Cherashneva, Karageorgos, Stanton)

Summer 2017 Language Schools

RUSS3102A-L17 Lecture (Yakubovich, Cherashneva, Khan, Sotnikova, Stanton)

Summer 2016 Language Schools

RUSS3102A-L16 Lecture (Yakubovich, Khan, Schlegel)

Summer 2015 Language Schools

RUSS3102A-L15 Lecture (Nazarova, Khan, Myers)

Summer 2014 Language Schools

RUSS3102A-L14 Lecture (Nazarova, Miller, Myers)

Summer 2013

RUSS3102A-L13 Lecture (Nazarova, Miller, Yakubovich)

Summer 2012

RUSS3102A-L12 Lecture (Nazarova)
RUSS3102B-L12 Lecture (Yakubovich)
RUSS3102C-L12 Lecture (Stavis)

Summer 2011

RUSS3102A-L11 Lecture (Nazarova, Lucey, Yakubovich)
RUSS3102B-L11 Lecture (Nazarova, Lucey, Yakubovich)
RUSS3102C-L11 Lecture (Lucey, Nazarova, Yakubovich)

Summer 2010

RUSS3102A-L10 Lecture (Nazarova, Lucey, Murphy-Lee)
RUSS3102B-L10 Lecture (Nazarova, Lucey, Murphy-Lee)
RUSS3102C-L10 Lecture (Nazarova, Lucey, Murphy-Lee)

Summer 2009

RUSS3102A-L09 Lecture (Johnson, Nazarova)
RUSS3102B-L09 Lecture (Nazarova)
RUSS3102C-L09 Lecture (Spasova)

Summer 2008

RUSS3102A-L08 Lecture (Johnson)
RUSS3102B-L08 Lecture (Nazarova)
RUSS3102C-L08 Lecture

Summer 2007

RUSS3102A-L07 Lecture (Johnson, Nazarova, Slivkin)
RUSS3102B-L07 Lecture
RUSS3102C-L07 Lecture

Summer 2006

RUSS3102A-L06 Lecture (Johnson, McCausland, Thomasy)
RUSS3102B-L06 Lecture
RUSS3102C-L06 Lecture

Summer 2005

RUSS3102A-L05 Lecture (Sundaram, deBenedette, Ivanov)

Summer 2004

RUSS3102A-L04 Lecture (Scollins, Golburt)