RELI 0170

American Religion

American Religion
In this course we will explore religion in the Americas with a focus on the United States. Relying on a metaphor from linguistics, we will trace how an American religious “grammar” emerged from colonial contact zones and then assess how capitalism, denominationalism, and secularism shaped that grammar during the ensuing centuries. Extending the metaphor, we will seek to understand how different actors “spoke” American religion to shape society, make sense of the world, and harness natural and supernatural power. We will cover American variations on the traditions of Buddhism, indigenous religion, Christianity, African diasporic religion, folk spirituality, and Islam. 3 hrs lect, 1 hr. disc.
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Equivalent Courses:
AMCV 0170
HIST 0228
AMST 0170
HIST 0170


Spring 2025

RELI0170A-S25 Lecture
RELI0170Y-S25 Discussion
RELI0170Z-S25 Discussion

Fall 2022

RELI0170A-F22 Lecture (Doran)
RELI0170Y-F22 Discussion (Doran)
RELI0170Z-F22 Discussion (Doran)

Fall 2021

RELI0170A-F21 Lecture (Doran)
RELI0170Y-F21 Discussion (Doran)
RELI0170Z-F21 Discussion (Doran)

Fall 2019

RELI0170A-F19 Lecture (Doran)
RELI0170Y-F19 Discussion (Doran)
RELI0170Z-F19 Discussion (Doran)

Fall 2018

RELI0170A-F18 Lecture (Doran)
RELI0170Y-F18 Discussion (Doran)
RELI0170Z-F18 Discussion (Doran)

Fall 2016

RELI0170A-F16 Lecture (Rochford)
RELI0170Y-F16 Discussion (Rochford)
RELI0170Z-F16 Discussion (Rochford)

Fall 2015

RELI0170A-F15 Lecture (Rochford)
RELI0170Y-F15 Discussion (Rochford)
RELI0170Z-F15 Discussion (Rochford)

Fall 2014

RELI0170A-F14 Lecture (Rochford)
RELI0170Y-F14 Discussion (Rochford)
RELI0170Z-F14 Discussion (Rochford)

Fall 2013

RELI0170A-F13 Lecture (Rochford)
RELI0170Y-F13 Discussion (Rochford)
RELI0170Z-F13 Discussion (Rochford)

Fall 2012

RELI0170A-F12 Lecture (Rochford)
RELI0170Y-F12 Discussion (Rochford)
RELI0170Z-F12 Discussion (Rochford)

Fall 2011

RELI0170A-F11 Lecture (Rochford)
RELI0170Y-F11 Discussion (Rochford)
RELI0170Z-F11 Discussion (Rochford)

Fall 2010

RELI0170A-F10 Lecture (Gould)
RELI0170X-F10 Discussion (Gould)
RELI0170Y-F10 Discussion (Gould)
RELI0170Z-F10 Discussion (Gould)

Fall 2009

RELI0170A-F09 Lecture (Schueneman)
RELI0170X-F09 Discussion (Schueneman)
RELI0170Y-F09 Discussion (Schueneman)
RELI0170Z-F09 Discussion (Schueneman)

Fall 2008

RELI0170A-F08 Lecture (Schueneman)
RELI0170B-F08 Lecture (Schueneman)
RELI0170X-F08 Discussion (Schueneman)
RELI0170Y-F08 Discussion (Schueneman)
RELI0170Z-F08 Discussion (Schueneman)

Fall 2007

RELI0170A-F07 Lecture (Davis)
RELI0170X-F07 Discussion (Davis)
RELI0170Y-F07 Discussion (Davis)
RELI0170Z-F07 Discussion (Davis)

Spring 2005

RELI0170A-S05 Lecture (Gould)
RELI0170X-S05 Discussion (Gould)
RELI0170Y-S05 Discussion (Gould)
RELI0170Z-S05 Discussion (Gould)

Spring 2004

RELI0170A-S04 Lecture (Gould)