PSYC 0203

Social Psychology

Social Psychology
Social psychology is the study of how social situations affect the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of individuals. This course will provide an overview of social psychological theory and research findings, as well as reviewing the ways in which these findings are applied to the study of issues such as aggression, close relationships, prejudice, and altruism. Students will also learn about the research methods that social psychologists use to test their theories. (PSYC 0105; open to Psychology majors and undeclared majors only; open to seniors by waiver only; ) 3 hrs. lect.
Social Sciences
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Spring 2024

PSYC0203A-S24 Lecture

Spring 2023

PSYC0203A-S23 Lecture (Velez)
PSYC0203B-S23 Lecture (Fenstermacher)

Spring 2022

PSYC0203A-S22 Lecture (Velez)
PSYC0203B-S22 Lecture (Fenstermacher)

Spring 2021

PSYC0203A-S21 Lecture (Velez)

Fall 2019

PSYC0203A-F19 Lecture (Velez)

Fall 2018

PSYC0203A-F18 Lecture (Velez)

Fall 2017

PSYC0203A-F17 Lecture (Velez)

Fall 2016

PSYC0203A-F16 Lecture (Velez)

Spring 2016

PSYC0203A-S16 Lecture (Huneke)

Spring 2015

PSYC0203A-S15 Lecture (Velez)

Fall 2014

PSYC0203A-F14 Lecture (Velez)

Spring 2014

PSYC0203A-S14 Lecture (Huneke)

Spring 2013

PSYC0203A-S13 Lecture (Sellers)

Fall 2012

PSYC0203A-F12 Lecture (Sellers)

Spring 2012

PSYC0203A-S12 Lecture (Baldridge)
PSYC0203X-S12 Discussion (Baldridge)
PSYC0203Y-S12 Discussion (Baldridge)
PSYC0203Z-S12 Discussion (Baldridge)

Spring 2011

PSYC0203A-S11 Lecture (Goetz)
PSYC0203X-S11 Discussion (Goetz)
PSYC0203Y-S11 Discussion (Goetz)
PSYC0203Z-S11 Discussion (Goetz)

Spring 2010

PSYC0203A-S10 Lecture (Baldridge)
PSYC0203Y-S10 Discussion (Baldridge)
PSYC0203Z-S10 Discussion (Baldridge)

Fall 2009

PSYC0203A-F09 Lecture (Goetz)

Fall 2008

PSYC0203A-F08 Lecture (Goetz)
PSYC0203B-F08 Lecture (Goetz)

Fall 2007

PSYC0203A-F07 Lecture (Verro)

Spring 2007

PSYC0203A-S07 Lecture (Coleman)
PSYC0203B-S07 Lecture (Coleman)

Spring 2006

PSYC0203A-S06 Lecture (Coleman)
PSYC0203X-S06 Discussion (Coleman)
PSYC0203Y-S06 Discussion (Coleman)
PSYC0203Z-S06 Discussion (Coleman)

Spring 2005

PSYC0203A-S05 Lecture (Patry)
PSYC0203X-S05 Discussion (Patry)
PSYC0203Y-S05 Discussion (Patry)
PSYC0203Z-S05 Discussion (Patry)

Fall 2003

PSYC0203A-F03 Lecture (Krulewitz)
PSYC0203Y-F03 Discussion (Krulewitz)
PSYC0203Z-F03 Discussion (Krulewitz)