PSCI 1015

Colonial, Imperial, & National

Colonialism, Imperialism, and Nationalism*
In this course we will investigate major issues and debates associated with such modern political ideologies as colonialism, imperialism, nationalism, and totalitarianism. The key questions that will be raised are 1) whether the colonized ought to adopt violence as a method of resistance to colonial wrongs and 2) whether nationalism is a necessary path toward emancipation from imperialist domination. After addressing these theoretical issues, we will turn to a specific topic in political ideology that contemporary politics is facing: radical Islamism. To what extent can this ideology be viewed as a “legitimate” form of anti-colonialism? Is radical Islamism merely an excuse for the establishment of authoritarian governments? We will analyze these issues through the voices of some radical Islamists, their liberal critics, and critical commentators on the liberal perception of Islam.

Shinkyu Lee is a political theorist with special interest in conflict and peace studies. He is currently a visiting assistant professor of politics at Oberlin College./
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Winter 2007

PSCI1015A-W07 Seminar (Carmola)