PSCI 0349

Intl Politics of Middle East

International Politics of the Middle East
In this course we will study the evolution of the inter-state system in the Middle East. Using contemporary International Relations (IR) theories we will examine the influence of great powers, regional states, transnational movements, and regional organizations on state interests, ideology, religion, and the region's political economy. Questions to be addressed will include: which levels of analyses are most helpful in understanding the complexity of Middle East politics? Which of the IR theories--realist, liberal, or constructivist-- best explain inter-state relations in the region? What other approaches may be useful in this endeavor? 3 hrs. sem. (International Relations and Foreign Policy)/
Political Science
Political Science
Social Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2023

PSCI0349A-S23 Seminar (Gumuscu)

Spring 2017

PSCI0349A-S17 Lecture (Gumuscu)

Spring 2016

PSCI0349A-S16 Lecture (Gumuscu)

Spring 2015

PSCI0349A-S15 Seminar (Gumuscu)