PSCI 0311

American Foreign Policy

American Foreign Policy
Does America exercise its power in the world in a distinctive way? If yes, has it always done so? In this course we will examine the evolution of American foreign policy from the time of the founding to the present. As we make our way from the height of the Cold War to the 21st century, we will assess how leaders, institutions, domestic politics, and the actions and inactions of other countries have shaped American international behavior. Topics considered include terrorism, nuclear proliferation, globalization, democracy promotion, whether the rich US has an obligation to help the less fortunate, how much power the Pentagon should have, what role the private sector can and should play in advancing American interests, and the Bush revolution in foreign policy. A central aim of the course is to map competing perspectives so that the student can draw his or her own political conclusions. 3 hrs. lect./disc. (International Relations and Foreign Policy)/
Political Science
Political Science
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Spring 2024

PSCI0311A-S24 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-S24 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-S24 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-S24 Discussion (Stanger)

Fall 2021

PSCI0311A-F21 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-F21 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-F21 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-F21 Discussion (Stanger)

Spring 2020

PSCI0311A-S20 Lecture (Grey)

Fall 2016

PSCI0311A-F16 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-F16 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-F16 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-F16 Discussion (Stanger)

Fall 2015

PSCI0311A-F15 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-F15 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-F15 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-F15 Discussion (Stanger)

Fall 2014

PSCI0311A-F14 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-F14 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-F14 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-F14 Discussion (Stanger)

Spring 2014

PSCI0311A-S14 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-S14 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-S14 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-S14 Discussion (Stanger)

Fall 2011

PSCI0311A-F11 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-F11 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-F11 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-F11 Discussion (Stanger)

Fall 2010

PSCI0311A-F10 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-F10 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-F10 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-F10 Discussion (Stanger)

Spring 2010

PSCI0311A-S10 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-S10 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-S10 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-S10 Discussion (Stanger)

Spring 2009

PSCI0311A-S09 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-S09 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-S09 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-S09 Discussion (Stanger)

Spring 2008

PSCI0311A-S08 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-S08 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-S08 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-S08 Discussion (Stanger)

Spring 2007

PSCI0311A-S07 Lecture
PSCI0311X-S07 Discussion
PSCI0311Y-S07 Discussion
PSCI0311Z-S07 Discussion

Spring 2006

PSCI0311A-S06 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-S06 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-S06 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-S06 Discussion (Stanger)

Spring 2005

PSCI0311A-S05 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311X-S05 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Y-S05 Discussion (Stanger)
PSCI0311Z-S05 Discussion (Stanger)

Spring 2004

PSCI0311A-S04 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311B-S04 Lecture (Stanger)
PSCI0311C-S04 Lecture (Stanger)