PSCI 0238

Pol Econ Global Latamer: Mex

Political Economy of Globalization in Latin America: The Mexican Case
How does globalization affect developing countries? What general lessons might a single country's response to globalization teach? What economic, political, or social consequences arise from embracing or resisting globalization? We examine such issues by focusing on Mexico, Latin America's most dynamic economy, and the United States' second largest trading partner. Themes include the politics of colonialism, independence, and revolution; authoritarianism, stability, and economic modernization; economic/political crises and liberalization; neoliberal reforms, economic integration, and democratic transition. These themes are set against the backdrop of historic and contemporary globalization, and Mexico's encounters with "core" states in Europe, North America, and international institutions. 3 hrs. sem. (Comparative Politics)/
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Spring 2008

PSCI0238A-S08 Lecture (Williams)