PSCI 0225

West European Politics

West European Politics
In this course we will explore post-WWII European politics. The course is divided into two sections: European political systems and the European Union. In the first section we will analyzes the political institutions of European countries through a comparative approach. We will focus on political parties, identity politics, electoral systems, and systems of government. In the second section we will analyzes the history and institutions of the European Union and discusses important issues and challenges, including enlargement, the eurocrisis, and Brexit. 3 hrs. lect./disc. (Comparative Politics)/
Political Science
Political Science
Social Sciences
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Spring 2019

PSCI0225A-S19 Lecture (Aha)

Fall 2012

PSCI0225A-F12 Lecture (Bleich)

Fall 2010

PSCI0225A-F10 Lecture (Bleich)

Fall 2009

PSCI0225A-F09 Lecture (Bleich)

Fall 2007

PSCI0225A-F07 Lecture (Bleich)

Fall 2006

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Fall 2005

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Fall 2004

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