PSCI 0214

Intl Environmental Politics

International Environmental Politics
What happens when the global economy outgrows the earth's ecosystem? This course surveys the consequences of the collision between the expanding world economy and the earth's natural limits: shrinking forests, falling water tables, eroding soils, collapsing fisheries, rising temperatures, and disappearing species. We will examine how countries with different circumstances and priorities attempt to work together to stop global environmental pollution and resource depletion. 3 hrs. lect./disc. (International Relations and Foreign Policy)/
Political Science
Political Science
Social Sciences
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Fall 2019

PSCI0214A-F19 Lecture (Fuentes-George)

Fall 2018

PSCI0214A-F18 Lecture (Fuentes-George)

Fall 2017

PSCI0214A-F17 Lecture (Fuentes-George)
PSCI0214Y-F17 Discussion (Fuentes-George)
PSCI0214Z-F17 Discussion (Fuentes-George)

Fall 2014

PSCI0214A-F14 Lecture (Fuentes-George)
PSCI0214Y-F14 Discussion (Fuentes-George)
PSCI0214Z-F14 Discussion (Fuentes-George)

Fall 2013

PSCI0214A-F13 Lecture (Fuentes-George)
PSCI0214Y-F13 Discussion (Fuentes-George)
PSCI0214Z-F13 Discussion (Fuentes-George)

Fall 2012

PSCI0214A-F12 Lecture (Fuentes-George)
PSCI0214Y-F12 Discussion (Fuentes-George)
PSCI0214Z-F12 Discussion (Fuentes-George)

Fall 2011

PSCI0214A-F11 Lecture (Fuentes-George)

Fall 2010

PSCI0214A-F10 Lecture (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214X-F10 Discussion (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214Y-F10 Discussion (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214Z-F10 Discussion (Rosenberg)

Fall 2009

PSCI0214A-F09 Lecture (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214X-F09 Discussion (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214Y-F09 Discussion (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214Z-F09 Discussion (Rosenberg)

Spring 2007

PSCI0214A-S07 Lecture (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214X-S07 Discussion (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214Y-S07 Discussion (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214Z-S07 Discussion (Rosenberg)

Spring 2006

PSCI0214A-S06 Lecture (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214X-S06 Discussion (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214Y-S06 Discussion (Rosenberg)
PSCI0214Z-S06 Discussion (Rosenberg)