PSCI 0206

American Presidency

The American Presidency
This course examines the development and modern practice of presidential leadership. Focus is on presidential decision-making, changes in the structure of the presidency as an institution, differences among individual presidents, and the interaction of the president with other major actors, including national governing institutions (executive branch, Congress, courts), interest groups, media, and the public. The course includes an historical overview of the evolution of the presidency, and examines changes in the electoral process. (PSCI 0102 or PSCI 0104 or waiver) 3 hrs. lect./disc. (American Politics)/
Political Science
Political Science
Social Sciences
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Fall 2022

PSCI0206A-F22 Lecture (Dickinson)

Spring 2019

PSCI0206A-S19 Lecture (Dickinson)

Spring 2017

PSCI0206A-S17 Lecture (Dickinson)

Fall 2012

PSCI0206A-F12 Lecture (Dickinson)

Fall 2011

PSCI0206A-F11 Lecture (Dickinson)

Fall 2010

PSCI0206A-F10 Lecture (Dickinson)

Fall 2008

PSCI0206A-F08 Lecture (Dickinson)

Fall 2007

PSCI0206A-F07 Lecture (Dickinson)

Fall 2006

PSCI0206A-F06 Lecture (Dickinson)

Fall 2005

PSCI0206A-F05 Lecture (Dickinson)

Fall 2004

PSCI0206A-F04 Lecture

Fall 2003

PSCI0206A-F03 Lecture (Dickinson)