PSCI 0202

African Politics

African Politics
This course surveys the challenges and possibilities that Sub-Saharan Africa presents in our era of globalization. We will look at the process of state formation to appreciate the relationships between historical legacies and political and economic development. Themes include state formation, democratic governance, sustainable development, and Africa in world affairs. Topics such as colonial rule and national responses, authoritarian rule, ethnic politics, the debt burden, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and natural resource politics will be discussed. Case studies from English-, French-, and Portuguese-speaking Africa will be used to illuminate such relationships. 3 hrs lect/disc. (Comparative Politics)/
Political Science
Political Science
Social Sciences
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Spring 2024

PSCI0202A-S24 Lecture (McMahon)

Spring 2023

PSCI0202A-S23 Lecture (McMahon)

Spring 2022

PSCI0202A-S22 Lecture (McMahon)

Fall 2019

PSCI0202A-F19 Lecture (Horning)

Spring 2019

PSCI0202A-S19 Lecture (Horning)

Fall 2017

PSCI0202A-F17 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-F17 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-F17 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2016

PSCI0202A-S16 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S16 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-S16 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2014

PSCI0202A-S14 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S14 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-S14 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2013

PSCI0202A-S13 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S13 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-S13 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2012

PSCI0202A-S12 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S12 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-S12 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2011

PSCI0202A-S11 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S11 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-S11 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2010

PSCI0202A-S10 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S10 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-S10 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2008

PSCI0202A-S08 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202B-S08 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S08 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-S08 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2007

PSCI0202A-S07 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S07 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-S07 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2006

PSCI0202A-S06 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202X-S06 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S06 Discussion (Horning)

Spring 2005

PSCI0202A-S05 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202X-S05 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Y-S05 Discussion (Horning)
PSCI0202Z-S05 Discussion (Horning)

Fall 2003

PSCI0202A-F03 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202B-F03 Lecture (Horning)
PSCI0202C-F03 Lecture (Horning)