PSCI 0102

American Political Regime

The American Political Regime
This is a course in American political and constitutional thought. The theme, taken from de Tocqueville's Democracy in America, is the problem of freedom. The first half covers the American founding up through the Civil War and the "refounding." This includes de Tocqueville, Madison's Notes on the Debates in the Federal Convention, the Federalist-Anti-Federalist ratification debate, Supreme Court decisions (Marbury, McCulloch), writings of Jefferson, Calhoun, and Lincoln. The second half considers basic problems in American politics, such as race, gender, foreign policy, and education. Readings include a novel, de Tocqueville, and Supreme Court decisions (Brown, Frontiero, Roe, Casey, Grutter, Lawrence). 4 hrs. lect./disc. (American Politics)/
Political Science
Political Science
Social Sciences
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Spring 2022

PSCI0102A-S22 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S22 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S22 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S22 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2021

PSCI0102A-S21 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S21 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S21 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S21 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2020

PSCI0102A-S20 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S20 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S20 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S20 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2019

PSCI0102A-S19 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S19 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S19 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S19 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2018

PSCI0102A-S18 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S18 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S18 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S18 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2016

PSCI0102A-S16 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S16 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S16 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S16 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2015

PSCI0102A-S15 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S15 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S15 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S15 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2014

PSCI0102A-S14 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S14 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S14 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S14 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2013

PSCI0102A-S13 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S13 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S13 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S13 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2012

PSCI0102A-S12 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S12 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S12 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2011

PSCI0102A-S11 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102W-S11 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S11 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S11 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S11 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2009

PSCI0102A-S09 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102W-S09 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S09 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S09 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S09 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2008

PSCI0102A-S08 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S08 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S08 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S08 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2007

PSCI0102A-S07 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S07 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S07 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S07 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2006

PSCI0102A-S06 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S06 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S06 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S06 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2005

PSCI0102A-S05 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102W-S05 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102X-S05 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Y-S05 Discussion (Dry)
PSCI0102Z-S05 Discussion (Dry)

Spring 2004

PSCI0102A-S04 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102B-S04 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102C-S04 Lecture (Dry)
PSCI0102D-S04 Lecture (Dry)