PHYS 0321

Experimental Physics

Experimental Techniques in Physics
This course will cover the design and execution of experiments, and the analysis and presentation of data, at an advanced level. Laboratory experiments will be chosen to illustrate the use of electronic, mechanical, and optical instruments to investigate fundamental physical phenomena, such as the properties of atoms and nuclei and the nature of radiation. Skills in computer-based data analysis and presentation will be developed and emphasized. This course satisfies the College writing requirement. (PHYS 0111 concurrent or prior; PHYS 0201 and PHYS 0202 and PHYS 0212; MATH 0200 recommended) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab/1 hr disc. (Approval required)
Natural Sciences
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Spring 2023

PHYS0321A-S23 Lecture
PHYS0321X-S23 Lab
PHYS0321Y-S23 Lab
PHYS0321Z-S23 Lab

Fall 2022

PHYS0321A-F22 Lecture (Durst)
PHYS0321W-F22 Lab (Durst)
PHYS0321X-F22 Lab (Durst)
PHYS0321Y-F22 Lab (Durst)
PHYS0321Z-F22 Lab (Durst)

Spring 2022

PHYS0321A-S22 Lecture (Watson)
PHYS0321X-S22 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321Z-S22 Lab (Watson)

Fall 2021

PHYS0321A-F21 Lecture (Hess)
PHYS0321X-F21 Lab (Hess)
PHYS0321Y-F21 Lab (Hess)
PHYS0321Z-F21 Lab (Hess)

Spring 2021

PHYS0321A-S21 Lecture (Hess)
PHYS0321X-S21 Lab (Hess)
PHYS0321Y-S21 Lab (Hess)
PHYS0321Z-S21 Lab (Hess)

Fall 2020

PHYS0321A-F20 Lecture (Watson)
PHYS0321Y-F20 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321Z-F20 Lab (Watson)

Spring 2020

PHYS0321A-S20 Lecture (Goodsell)
PHYS0321X-S20 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Y-S20 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Z-S20 Lab (Goodsell)

Fall 2019

PHYS0321A-F19 Lecture (Watson)
PHYS0321X-F19 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321Y-F19 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321Z-F19 Lab (Hess)

Fall 2018

PHYS0321A-F18 Lecture (Goodsell)
PHYS0321X-F18 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Y-F18 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Z-F18 Lab (Goodsell)

Spring 2018

PHYS0321A-S18 Lecture (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Y-S18 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Z-S18 Lab (Goodsell)

Fall 2017

PHYS0321A-F17 Lecture (Durst)
PHYS0321Y-F17 Lab (Durst)
PHYS0321Z-F17 Lab (Durst)

Spring 2017

PHYS0321A-S17 Lecture (Ratcliff)
PHYS0321Y-S17 Lab (Ratcliff, Durst)
PHYS0321Z-S17 Lab (Ratcliff, Durst)

Fall 2016

PHYS0321A-F16 Lecture (Goodsell)
PHYS0321V-F16 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321W-F16 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321X-F16 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Y-F16 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321Z-F16 Lab (Watson)

Fall 2015

PHYS0321A-F15 Lecture (Goodsell)
PHYS0321W-F15 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321X-F15 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Y-F15 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Z-F15 Lab (Goodsell)

Fall 2014

PHYS0321A-F14 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0321W-F14 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321X-F14 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Y-F14 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Z-F14 Lab (Dunham)

Fall 2013

PHYS0321A-F13 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0321W-F13 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321X-F13 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Y-F13 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0321Z-F13 Lab (Goodsell)

Fall 2012

PHYS0321A-F12 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0321W-F12 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321X-F12 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Y-F12 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Z-F12 Lab (Dunham)

Fall 2011

PHYS0321A-F11 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0321W-F11 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321X-F11 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Y-F11 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Z-F11 Lab (Dunham)

Fall 2010

PHYS0321A-F10 Lecture (Watson)
PHYS0321W-F10 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321X-F10 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321Y-F10 Lab (Watson)

Fall 2009

PHYS0321A-F09 Lecture (Watson)
PHYS0321W-F09 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321X-F09 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321Y-F09 Lab (Watson)
PHYS0321Z-F09 Lab (Dunham)

Fall 2008

PHYS0321A-F08 Lecture (Ratcliff, Watson)
PHYS0321W-F08 Lab (Ratcliff, Watson)
PHYS0321X-F08 Lab (Ratcliff, Watson)
PHYS0321Y-F08 Lab (Ratcliff, Watson)
PHYS0321Z-F08 Lab (Ratcliff, Watson)

Fall 2007

PHYS0321A-F07 Lecture (Dunham, Watson)
PHYS0321W-F07 Lab (Dunham, Watson)
PHYS0321X-F07 Lab (Dunham, Watson)
PHYS0321Y-F07 Lab (Dunham, Watson)
PHYS0321Z-F07 Lab (Dunham, Watson)

Fall 2006

PHYS0321A-F06 Lecture (Dunham, Ratcliff)
PHYS0321X-F06 Lab (Dunham, Ratcliff)
PHYS0321Y-F06 Lab (Dunham, Ratcliff)
PHYS0321Z-F06 Lab (Dunham, Ratcliff)

Fall 2005

PHYS0321A-F05 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0321W-F05 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321X-F05 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Y-F05 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Z-F05 Lab (Dunham)

Fall 2004

PHYS0321A-F04 Lecture (Ratcliff)
PHYS0321X-F04 Lab (Ratcliff)
PHYS0321Y-F04 Lab (Ratcliff)
PHYS0321Z-F04 Lab (Ratcliff)

Fall 2003

PHYS0321A-F03 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0321X-F03 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Y-F03 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0321Z-F03 Lab (Dunham)