PHYS 0301

Intermediate Electromagnetism

Intermediate Electromagnetism
The unified description of electricity and magnetism is one of the greatest triumphs of physics. This course provides a thorough grounding in the nature of electric and magnetic fields and their interaction with matter. Mathematical techniques appropriate to the solution of problems in electromagnetism are also introduced. The primary emphasis is on static fields, with the full time-dependent Maxwell equations and electromagnetic waves introduced in the final part of the course. (PHYS 0110; PHYS 0201 or by permission; PHYS 0212) 3 hrs. lect./1 hr. disc.
Natural Sciences
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Fall 2022

PHYS0301A-F22 Lecture

Fall 2021

PHYS0301A-F21 Lecture (Watson)

Fall 2020

PHYS0301A-F20 Lecture (Graham)
PHYS0301B-F20 Lecture (Graham)

Fall 2019

PHYS0301A-F19 Lecture (Hess)
PHYS0301Z-F19 Discussion (Hess)

Fall 2018

PHYS0301A-F18 Lecture (Hess)
PHYS0301Z-F18 Discussion (Hess)

Fall 2017

PHYS0301A-F17 Lecture (Goodsell)

Fall 2016

PHYS0301A-F16 Lecture (Ratcliff)

Fall 2015

PHYS0301A-F15 Lecture (Durst)

Fall 2014

PHYS0301A-F14 Lecture (Durst)

Fall 2013

PHYS0301A-F13 Lecture (Goodsell)

Fall 2012

PHYS0301A-F12 Lecture (Goodsell)

Fall 2011

PHYS0301A-F11 Lecture (Goodsell)

Fall 2010

PHYS0301A-F10 Lecture (Goodsell)

Fall 2009

PHYS0301A-F09 Lecture (Wolfson)

Fall 2008

PHYS0301A-F08 Lecture (Graham)

Fall 2007

PHYS0301A-F07 Lecture (Wolfson)

Fall 2006

PHYS0301A-F06 Lecture (Wolfson)

Fall 2005

PHYS0301A-F05 Lecture (Graham)

Fall 2004

PHYS0301A-F04 Lecture (Graham)

Fall 2003

PHYS0301A-F03 Lecture (Graham)