PHYS 0221

Electronics For Scientists

Electronics for Scientists
An introduction to modern electronic circuits and devices, emphasizing both physical operation and practical use. Transistors and integrated circuits are considered in both analog and digital applications. Examples and laboratory experiments stress measurement and control applications in the physical and biological sciences. Students will gain hands-on familiarity with the design, use, and troubleshooting of electronic instrumentation. (PHYS 0110) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab.
Natural Sciences
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Spring 2023

PHYS0221A-S23 Lecture (Watson)
PHYS0221Z-S23 Lab (Watson)

Winter 2022

PHYS0221A-W22 Lecture (Goodsell)
PHYS0221Z-W22 Lab (Findlay)

Spring 2020

PHYS0221A-S20 Lecture (Ratcliff)
PHYS0221Z-S20 Lab (Ratcliff)

Spring 2019

PHYS0221A-S19 Lecture (Ratcliff)
PHYS0221Z-S19 Lab (Ratcliff)

Spring 2018

PHYS0221A-S18 Lecture (Ratcliff)
PHYS0221Z-S18 Lab (Ratcliff)

Fall 2016

PHYS0221A-F16 Lecture (Wolfson)

Winter 2016

PHYS0221A-W16 Lecture (Watson, Findlay)

Fall 2014

PHYS0221A-F14 Lecture (Wolfson)

Fall 2013

PHYS0221A-F13 Lecture (Ratcliff)
PHYS0221Z-F13 Lab (Ratcliff)

Fall 2012

PHYS0221A-F12 Lecture (Goodsell)
PHYS0221Z-F12 Lab (Goodsell)

Fall 2011

PHYS0221A-F11 Lecture (Goodsell)
PHYS0221Y-F11 Lab (Goodsell)
PHYS0221Z-F11 Lab (Goodsell)

Fall 2010

PHYS0221A-F10 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0221Y-F10 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0221Z-F10 Lab (Dunham)

Fall 2009

PHYS0221A-F09 Lecture (Wolfson)
PHYS0221Z-F09 Lab (Wolfson)

Fall 2008

PHYS0221A-F08 Lecture (Wolfson)
PHYS0221Z-F08 Lab (Wolfson)

Fall 2007

PHYS0221A-F07 Lecture (Wolfson)
PHYS0221Z-F07 Lab (Wolfson)

Fall 2006

PHYS0221A-F06 Lecture (Wolfson)
PHYS0221Z-F06 Lab (Wolfson)

Fall 2004

PHYS0221A-F04 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0221Y-F04 Lab (Dunham)
PHYS0221Z-F04 Lab (Dunham)

Fall 2003

PHYS0221A-F03 Lecture (Wolfson)