PHYS 0155

Introduction to the Universe

An Introduction to the Universe
Our universe comprises billions of galaxies in a rapidly expanding fabric. How did it begin? Will it expand forever, or how may it end? How do the stars that compose the galaxies evolve from their births in clouds of gas, through the tranquility of middle age, to their often violent deaths? How can scientists even hope to answer such cosmic questions from our vantage point on a small planet, orbiting a very ordinary star? Are there other planets, orbiting other stars, where intelligent beings may be pondering similar issues? This introductory astronomy course, designed for nonscience majors, will explore these and other questions. Students will also become familiar with the night sky, both as part of our natural environment and as a scientific resource, through independent observations and sessions at the College Observatory. The approach requires no college-level mathematics, but students should expect to do quantitative calculations using scientific notation and occasionally to use elementary high-school algebra. 3 hrs. lect./1 hrs.disc.
Natural Sciences
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PHYS 0165


Fall 2024

PHYS0155A-F24 Lecture (Brumback)
PHYS0155X-F24 Lab (Brumback)
PHYS0155Y-F24 Lab (Brumback)
PHYS0155Z-F24 Lab (Brumback)

Fall 2023

PHYS0155A-F23 Lecture (Brumback)
PHYS0155X-F23 Lab (Brumback)
PHYS0155Y-F23 Lab (Brumback)
PHYS0155Z-F23 Lab (Brumback)

Fall 2022

PHYS0155A-F22 Lecture (Glikman)
PHYS0155Z-F22 Discussion (Glikman)

Fall 2021

PHYS0155A-F21 Lecture (Glikman)
PHYS0155Z-F21 Lab (Glikman)

Fall 2020

PHYS0155A-F20 Lecture (Glikman)
PHYS0155X-F20 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Y-F20 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Z-F20 Lab (Glikman)

Fall 2019

PHYS0155A-F19 Lecture (Glikman)
PHYS0155X-F19 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Y-F19 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Z-F19 Lab (Glikman)

Fall 2018

PHYS0155A-F18 Lecture (Glikman)
PHYS0155X-F18 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Y-F18 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Z-F18 Lab (Glikman)

Fall 2016

PHYS0155A-F16 Lecture (Glikman)
PHYS0155X-F16 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Y-F16 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Z-F16 Lab (Glikman)

Fall 2015

PHYS0155A-F15 Lecture (Glikman)
PHYS0155X-F15 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Y-F15 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Z-F15 Lab (Glikman)

Fall 2014

PHYS0155A-F14 Lecture (Glikman)
PHYS0155X-F14 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Y-F14 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Z-F14 Lab (Glikman)

Fall 2013

PHYS0155A-F13 Lecture (Glikman)
PHYS0155X-F13 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Y-F13 Lab (Glikman)
PHYS0155Z-F13 Lab (Glikman)

Fall 2012

PHYS0155A-F12 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F12 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F12 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F12 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F12 Lab (Winkler)

Fall 2011

PHYS0155A-F11 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F11 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F11 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F11 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F11 Lab (Winkler)

Fall 2010

PHYS0155A-F10 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F10 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F10 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F10 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F10 Lab (Winkler)

Fall 2009

PHYS0155A-F09 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F09 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F09 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F09 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F09 Lab (Winkler)

Fall 2008

PHYS0155A-F08 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F08 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F08 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F08 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F08 Lab (Winkler)

Fall 2007

PHYS0155A-F07 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F07 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F07 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F07 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F07 Lab (Winkler)

Fall 2006

PHYS0155A-F06 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F06 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F06 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F06 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F06 Lab (Winkler)

Fall 2005

PHYS0155A-F05 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F05 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F05 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F05 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F05 Lab (Winkler)

Fall 2004

PHYS0155A-F04 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F04 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F04 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F04 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F04 Lab (Winkler)

Fall 2003

PHYS0155A-F03 Lecture (Winkler)
PHYS0155W-F03 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155X-F03 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Y-F03 Lab (Winkler)
PHYS0155Z-F03 Lab (Winkler)