PHYS 0101

Physical Reality Human Thought

Physical Reality and Human Thought
This course for nonscience students will explore major ideas that shape our understanding of physical reality. The course will focus on the developments of modern physics, particularly relativity and quantum theory. The physical content of these ideas will be emphasized in a nonmathematical way, and their philosophical implications discussed. Tracing the historical development of physical theories will convey a sense of the evolutionary and revolutionary aspects of scientific progress. The course concludes with contemporary attempts to understand the evolution of the universe in terms of the most fundamental physical principles. (Not open to students who have completed PHYS 0201.) 3 hrs. lect.
Natural Sciences
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Equivalent Courses:
PHYS 0214 *
PHYS 0201


Spring 2013

PHYS0101A-S13 Lecture (Wolfson)

Spring 2012

PHYS0101A-S12 Lecture (Wolfson)

Spring 2009

PHYS0101A-S09 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0101X-S09 Discussion (Dunham)
PHYS0101Y-S09 Discussion (Dunham)
PHYS0101Z-S09 Discussion (Dunham)

Spring 2008

PHYS0101X-S08 Discussion (Dunham)
PHYS0101Y-S08 Discussion (Dunham)
PHYS0101Z-S08 Discussion (Dunham)

Spring 2007

PHYS0101A-S07 Lecture (Dunham)
PHYS0101W-S07 Discussion (Dunham)
PHYS0101X-S07 Discussion (Dunham)
PHYS0101Y-S07 Discussion (Dunham)
PHYS0101Z-S07 Discussion (Dunham)

Spring 2006

PHYS0101A-S06 Lecture (Wolfson)
PHYS0101W-S06 Discussion (Wolfson)
PHYS0101X-S06 Discussion (Wolfson)
PHYS0101Y-S06 Discussion (Wolfson)
PHYS0101Z-S06 Discussion (Wolfson)

Spring 2005

PHYS0101A-S05 Lecture (Dunham)