PHED 0534

Golf - Beginning

Beginning Golf

4/4-5/6/22.; M/W/F 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. p.m.; Basic instruction in putting, chipping,
long and short iron play and woods from the fairway and tee.
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2023, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S23 PE Course (Ritter)

Spring 2022, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S22 PE Course (Ritter)

Spring 2021, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S21 PE Course (Ritter)

Spring 2020, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S20 PE Course (Ritter)

Spring 2019, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S19 PE Course (Ritter)

Spring 2018, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S18 PE Course (Ritter)

Spring 2017, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S17 PE Course (Ritter)
PHED0534B-S17 PE Course (Krasco)

Spring 2016, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S16 PE Course (Ritter)

Spring 2015, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S15 PE Course (Ritter)

Spring 2014, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S14 PE Course (Ritter)
PHED0534B-S14 PE Course (Mandigo)

Spring 2013, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S13 PE Course (Ritter)
PHED0534B-S13 PE Course (Mandigo)

Spring 2012, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S12 PE Course (Ritter)
PHED0534B-S12 PE Course (Mandigo)

Spring 2011, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S11 PE Course (Ritter)
PHED0534B-S11 PE Course (Mandigo)

Spring 2010, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S10 PE Course (Ritter)
PHED0534B-S10 PE Course (Mandigo)

Spring 2009, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S09 PE Course (Ritter)
PHED0534B-S09 PE Course (Mandigo)

Spring 2008, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S08 PE Course (Ritter)
PHED0534B-S08 PE Course (Mandigo)

Spring 2007, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S07 PE Course (Pecsok)
PHED0534B-S07 PE Course (Ritter)

Spring 2006, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S06 PE Course (Early)
PHED0534B-S06 PE Course (Ritter)
PHED0534D-S06 PE Course (Mandigo)

Spring 2005, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S05 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0534B-S05 PE Course (Carey)
PHED0534D-S05 PE Course (Mandigo)

Spring 2004, PE - Session II

PHED0534A-S04 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0534B-S04 PE Course (Mandigo)
PHED0534C-S04 PE Course (Carey)
PHED0534D-S04 PE Course (Mandigo)