PHED 0392


Yoga: $150 fee. Jan. 9- Feb. 2, 2023. Tues. 7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Yoga is a holistic system of exercise and awareness. In this class, students work on balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, and relaxation. The class will also develop the ability to bring the body, breath and mind into harmony. Students should wear loose comfortable clothing. No refund will be given in this class after the first class is held, whether you attended or not.
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Requirements Fulfilled:


Winter 2024, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W24 PE Course

Winter 2023, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W23 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2022, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W22 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2021, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W21 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2020, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W20 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2019, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W19 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2018, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W18 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2017, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W17 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2016, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W16 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2015, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W15 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2014, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W14 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2013, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W13 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2012, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W12 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2011, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W11 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2010, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W10 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2009, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W09 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2008, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W08 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2007, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W07 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2006, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W06 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2005, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W05 PE Course (Prakash)

Winter 2004, PE - Session I

PHED0392A-W04 PE Course (Prakash)