PHED 0348

Martial Arts

This course carries an $80 fee. Wed. 7:00-9:00 p.m. 3rd Floor Field House. Jan. 10-Feb. 4, 2022. Tae Kwon Do and traditional Korean Martial Arts taught by a 3rd degree Black Belt. Beginners and experienced students are welcome. Learn the art of blocking, punching and kicking for self defense as well as discipline and humility. Come prepared for a rigorous workout.
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Requirements Fulfilled:


Winter 2023, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W23 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2022, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W22 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2020, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W20 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2019, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W19 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2018, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W18 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2017, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W17 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2016, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W16 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2015, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W15 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2014, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W14 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2013, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W13 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2012, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W12 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2011, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W11 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2010, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W10 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2009, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W09 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2008, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W08 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2007, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W07 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2006, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W06 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2005, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W05 PE Course (Kelley)

Winter 2004, PE - Session I

PHED0348A-W04 PE Course (Kelley)