PHED 0265

Strength Training

Strength Training
10/21 - 11/22/24. M / W 9:45 - 10:45 a.m. Fitness Center.
Strength training focusing on higher repetitions and lower weights to build endurance strength.
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2024, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F24 PE Course (Brown)

Fall 2023, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F23 PE Course (Brown)

Fall 2022, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F22 PE Course (Brown)

Fall 2021, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F21 PE Course (Brown)

Fall 2020, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F20 PE Course (Brown)

Fall 2019, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F19 PE Course (Brown)

Fall 2018, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F18 PE Course (Brown)

Fall 2017, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F17 PE Course (Brown)

Fall 2016, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F16 PE Course (Brown)

Fall 2015, PE - Session II

PHED0265A-F15 PE Course (Brown)