PHED 0249

Oratory: Trng the Instrument

10/23-12/1/23. TTh 5:30-6:30. Adirondack Coltrane. Designed to increase confidence and reduce stress connected to oral presentation, this class will combine speaking drills with high energy movement, chi gung, and other body awareness exercises. Taught in collaboration with the Oratory Society.
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2023, PE - Session II

PHED0249A-F23 PE Course (Yeaton)

Fall 2022, PE - Session II

PHED0249A-F22 PE Course (Yeaton)

Fall 2021, PE - Session II

PHED0249A-F21 PE Course (Yeaton)

Fall 2019, PE - Session II

PHED0249A-F19 PE Course (Yeaton)

Fall 2018, PE - Session II

PHED0249A-F18 PE Course (Yeaton)

Fall 2017, PE - Session II

PHED0249A-F17 PE Course (Yeaton)

Fall 2016, PE - Session II

PHED0249A-F16 PE Course (Yeaton)

Fall 2015, PE - Session II

PHED0249A-F15 PE Course (Yeaton)