PHED 0135


Golf - Intermediate
9/19-10/20/22. Section A meets MW 1:15 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. at the golf course.
For a student who has taken beginning golf or who has shown a proficiency in understanding swing
concepts, course management principles and golf etiquette. For those who have not taken beginning golf,
admission to the class will be determined by the instructor. Students will be required to play 9-hole rounds to
fulfill the requirement.
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2023, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F23 PE Course

Fall 2022, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F22 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2021, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F21 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2020, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F20 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2019, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F19 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2018, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F18 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2017, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F17 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2016, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F16 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2015, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F15 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2014, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F14 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2013, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F13 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2012, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F12 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F12 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2011, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F11 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F11 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2010, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F10 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F10 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2009, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F09 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F09 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2008, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F08 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F08 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2007, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F07 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F07 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2006, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F06 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F06 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2005, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F05 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F05 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2004, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F04 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F04 PE Course (Beaney)

Fall 2003, PE - Session I

PHED0135A-F03 PE Course (Beaney)
PHED0135B-F03 PE Course (Beaney)