PGSE 0210

Accelerated Begin Portuguese

Accelerated Beginning Portuguese
This course is an intensive and fast-paced introduction to Portuguese, covering all of the basic structures and vocabulary as well as important aspects of the cultures of Lusophone countries. Within a cultural context, emphasis will be placed on active communication aimed at the development of comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Students are expected to continue with PGSE 0215, after successful completion of PGSE 0210. Open to all students. 6 hrs. lect./disc.
Spanish (& Portuguese UG)
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2020

PGSE0210A-F20 Lecture (Rocha)

Spring 2020

PGSE0210A-S20 Lecture (Rocha)

Fall 2019

PGSE0210A-F19 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0210B-F19 Lecture (Rocha)

Spring 2019

PGSE0210A-S19 Lecture (Higa)

Fall 2018

PGSE0210A-F18 Lecture (Hernandez-Romero)
PGSE0210B-F18 Lecture (Silva)

Spring 2018

PGSE0210A-S18 Lecture (Rocha)

Fall 2017

PGSE0210A-F17 Lecture (Hernandez-Romero)
PGSE0210B-F17 Lecture (Higa)

Spring 2017

PGSE0210A-S17 Lecture (Rocha)

Fall 2016

PGSE0210A-F16 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0210B-F16 Lecture (Silva)

Spring 2016

PGSE0210A-S16 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0210B-S16 Lecture (Silva)

Fall 2015

PGSE0210A-F15 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0210B-F15 Lecture (Silva)

Spring 2015

PGSE0210A-S15 Lecture (Silva)

Fall 2014

PGSE0210A-F14 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0210B-F14 Lecture (Silva)

Fall 2013

PGSE0210A-F13 Lecture (Silva)
PGSE0210B-F13 Lecture (Silva)

Fall 2012

PGSE0210A-F12 Lecture (Higa)
PGSE0210B-F12 Lecture (Higa)

Fall 2011

PGSE0210A-F11 Lecture (Souza)
PGSE0210B-F11 Lecture (Mariano)

Fall 2010

PGSE0210A-F10 Lecture (Rocha)

Fall 2009

PGSE0210A-F09 Lecture (Rocha)
PGSE0210B-F09 Lecture (Rocha)