NSCI 0301

Physiological Psychology

Physiological Psychology
This course concerns the biological basis of human behavior. The course will consider the neurochemical, neuroanatomical, and neurophysiological bases of processes such as language, sensation, emotion, aggression, sleep, learning, and memory. In the laboratory the student will conduct experiments using standard (surgical, anatomical, biochemical, behavioral) techniques to investigate central nervous system function. (PSYC 0105 or any biology course; not open to first-year students; open to psychology majors; others by waiver) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab.
Prog in Neuroscience
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
PSYC 0226 *
PSYC 0301


Spring 2016

NSCI0301A-S16 Lecture (Dash)
NSCI0301Y-S16 Lab (Dash)
NSCI0301Z-S16 Lab (Dash)

Fall 2015

NSCI0301A-F15 Lecture (Crocker)
NSCI0301Y-F15 Lab (Crocker)
NSCI0301Z-F15 Lab (Crocker)

Spring 2015

NSCI0301A-S15 Lecture (Cronise)
NSCI0301B-S15 Lecture (Dash)
NSCI0301W-S15 Lab (Dash)
NSCI0301X-S15 Lab (Dash)
NSCI0301Y-S15 Lab (Cronise)
NSCI0301Z-S15 Lab (Cronise)

Fall 2014

NSCI0301A-F14 Lecture (Parker)
NSCI0301Y-F14 Lab (Parker)
NSCI0301Z-F14 Lab (Parker)

Spring 2014

NSCI0301A-S14 Lecture (Cronise)
NSCI0301B-S14 Lecture (Parker)
NSCI0301W-S14 Lab (Parker)
NSCI0301X-S14 Lab (Parker)
NSCI0301Y-S14 Lab (Cronise)
NSCI0301Z-S14 Lab (Cronise)

Fall 2013

NSCI0301A-F13 Lecture (Stefani)
NSCI0301Y-F13 Lab (Stefani)
NSCI0301Z-F13 Lab (Stefani)

Spring 2013

NSCI0301A-S13 Lecture (Stefani)
NSCI0301Y-S13 Lab (Stefani)
NSCI0301Z-S13 Lab (Stefani)

Fall 2012

NSCI0301A-F12 Lecture (Cronise)
NSCI0301Y-F12 Lab (Cronise)
NSCI0301Z-F12 Lab (Cronise)

Spring 2012

NSCI0301A-S12 Lecture (Cronise)
NSCI0301Y-S12 Lab (Cronise)
NSCI0301Z-S12 Lab (Cronise)

Fall 2011

NSCI0301A-F11 Lecture (Stefani)
NSCI0301Y-F11 Lab (Stefani)
NSCI0301Z-F11 Lab (Stefani)

Spring 2011

NSCI0301A-S11 Lecture (Cronise)
NSCI0301Y-S11 Lab (Cronise)
NSCI0301Z-S11 Lab (Cronise)

Fall 2010

NSCI0301A-F10 Lecture (Cronise)
NSCI0301Y-F10 Lab (Cronise)
NSCI0301Z-F10 Lab (Cronise)

Spring 2010

NSCI0301A-S10 Lecture (Stefani)
NSCI0301Y-S10 Lab (Stefani)
NSCI0301Z-S10 Lab (Stefani)

Fall 2009

NSCI0301A-F09 Lecture (Stefani)
NSCI0301Y-F09 Lab (Stefani)
NSCI0301Z-F09 Lab (Stefani)

Spring 2009

NSCI0301A-S09 Lecture (Stefani)
NSCI0301Y-S09 Lab (Stefani)
NSCI0301Z-S09 Lab (Stefani)

Fall 2008

NSCI0301A-F08 Lecture (Cronise)
NSCI0301Y-F08 Lab (Cronise)
NSCI0301Z-F08 Lab (Cronise)

Spring 2008

NSCI0301A-S08 Lecture (Stefani)
NSCI0301Y-S08 Lab (Stefani)
NSCI0301Z-S08 Lab (Stefani)