MUSC 0212

Advanced Electronic Music

Advanced Topics in Electronic Music
Building on the topics covered in "Introduction to Electronic Music", this hands-on course will explore advanced techniques in music production including sound design, mixing, and mastering. The goal of the course is to apply these advanced techniques toward individual creative projects and a class compilation album to be released through a record label. In addition to lectures, listening sessions, critiques, labs, creative projects, film screenings, and hands-on activities, we will hear from active professionals in the field of music, business, and publicity in order to build the necessary skills to become active working professionals. 2 hrs. lect. / 1 hr. lab.
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:
MUSC 1025
MUSC 0112 *
FYSE 1449 *
MUSC 1022


Spring 2025

MUSC0212A-S25 Lecture
MUSC0212Z-S25 Discussion

Spring 2024

MUSC0212A-S24 Lecture (Macionis)
MUSC0212Z-S24 Discussion (Macionis)

Spring 2019

MUSC0212A-S19 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212W-S19 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212X-S19 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-S19 Discussion (Hamlin)

Spring 2018

MUSC0212A-S18 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212W-S18 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212X-S18 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-S18 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Z-S18 Discussion (Hamlin)

Spring 2017

MUSC0212A-S17 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212W-S17 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212X-S17 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-S17 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Z-S17 Discussion (Hamlin)

Spring 2016

MUSC0212A-S16 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212X-S16 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-S16 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Z-S16 Discussion (Hamlin)

Spring 2015

MUSC0212A-S15 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212X-S15 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-S15 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Z-S15 Discussion (Hamlin)

Fall 2012

MUSC0212A-F12 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212X-F12 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-F12 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Z-F12 Discussion (Hamlin)

Fall 2011

MUSC0212A-F11 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-F11 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Z-F11 Discussion (Hamlin)

Spring 2011

MUSC0212A-S11 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-S11 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Z-S11 Discussion (Hamlin)

Spring 2010

MUSC0212A-S10 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-S10 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Z-S10 Discussion (Hamlin)

Spring 2009

MUSC0212A-S09 Lecture (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Y-S09 Discussion (Hamlin)
MUSC0212Z-S09 Discussion (Hamlin)

Spring 2008

MUSC0212A-S08 Lecture (Hamlin)

Spring 2007

MUSC0212A-S07 Lecture (Hamlin)

Spring 2006

MUSC0212A-S06 Lecture (Hamlin)