MSAB 2400

Schools Abroad Internship

Schools Abroad Internship
A credit-bearing experiential learning remote course offered from Middlebury Schools Abroad. Depending on location and placement, this would be in English or the host country language. This course aims to help students gain in-depth knowledge and exposure to a foreign culture and its work environment, including culturally appropriate professional communication skills, and in the case of placements in a foreign language improve students’ foreign language skills. The experience will culminate in a formal academic paper under the supervision of the School Abroad Director. For spring 2021, a limited number of remote internships are available in Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, China, France, Germany, Japan, and Morocco. Students must have completed the prerequisite language course for study abroad. Students can only receive one credit for internships at the Schools Abroad. Students who have already participated in a Schools Abroad internship in a previous semester or plan on pursuing an internship at a School Abroad in the future are not allowed to enroll in this course.
Middlebury School Abroad
Middlebury Schools Abroad
Requirements Fulfilled:


Spring 2022

MSAB2400B-S22 Lecture (Ngabeu)
MSAB2400C-S22 Lecture (Gonzalez-Chiaramonte)
MSAB2400D-S22 Lecture (Gonzalez-Chiaramonte)
MSAB2400E-S22 Lecture (Lorenso Castro)
MSAB2400F-S22 Lecture (Pastene)
MSAB2400G-S22 Lecture (Zhang)
MSAB2400H-S22 Lecture (Tondu)
MSAB2400I-S22 Lecture (Eda)
MSAB2400J-S22 Lecture (Jaafar)
MSAB2400K-S22 Lecture (Tsikhelashvili)
MSAB2400L-S22 Lecture (Rodriguez)
MSAB2400M-S22 Lecture (Fahrenberg)
MSAB2400N-S22 Lecture (Tripathi)

Fall 2021

MSAB2400A-F21 Lecture (Gonzalez-Chiaramonte)
MSAB2400B-F21 Lecture (Gonzalez-Chiaramonte)
MSAB2400C-F21 Lecture (Pastene)

Spring 2021

MSAB2400B-S21 Lecture (Ngabeu)
MSAB2400C-S21 Lecture (Gonzalez-Chiaramonte)
MSAB2400D-S21 Lecture (Gonzalez-Chiaramonte)
MSAB2400E-S21 Lecture (Lorenso Castro)
MSAB2400F-S21 Lecture (Pastene)
MSAB2400G-S21 Lecture (Zhang)
MSAB2400H-S21 Lecture (Tondu)
MSAB2400I-S21 Lecture (Eda)
MSAB2400J-S21 Lecture (Jaafar)
MSAB2400K-S21 Lecture (Tsikhelashvili)
MSAB2400L-S21 Lecture (Rodriguez)
MSAB2400M-S21 Lecture (Fahrenberg)
MSAB2400N-S21 Lecture (Tripathi)

Winter 2021

MSAB2400A-W21 Lecture (Lorenso Castro)
MSAB2400B-W21 Lecture (Ngabeu)
MSAB2400C-W21 Lecture (Pastene)
MSAB2400D-W21 Lecture (Zhang)
MSAB2400E-W21 Lecture (Tondu)
MSAB2400F-W21 Lecture (Fahrenberg)
MSAB2400G-W21 Lecture (Eda)
MSAB2400H-W21 Lecture (Jaafar)

Fall 2020

MSAB2400A-F20 Lecture (Wilsch)
MSAB2400B-F20 Lecture (Ngabeu)
MSAB2400C-F20 Lecture (Gonzalez-Chiaramonte)
MSAB2400D-F20 Lecture (Gonzalez-Chiaramonte)