JAPN 0475

Seminar in Japanese Studies

Advanced Reading in Japanese Studies
In this course students will read original materials in a variety of disciplines and develop skills to analyze and discuss them in Japanese. Advanced listening practice, oral presentation and academic writing will also be emphasized. (Approval only) 3 hrs. disc.
Japanese Studies
Requirements Fulfilled:
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Fall 2024

JAPN0475A-F24 Seminar (Davis)

Fall 2023

JAPN0475A-F23 Seminar (Davis)

Fall 2022

JAPN0475A-F22 Seminar (Davis)

Fall 2021

JAPN0475A-F21 Seminar (Davis)

Fall 2019

JAPN0475A-F19 Lecture (Davis)

Fall 2018

JAPN0475A-F18 Lecture (Davis)

Fall 2017

JAPN0475A-F17 Lecture (Davis)
JAPN0475B-F17 Seminar (Davis)

Fall 2016

JAPN0475A-F16 Lecture (Davis)

Fall 2015

JAPN0475A-F15 Lecture (Humphrey)

Fall 2014

JAPN0475A-F14 Lecture (Humphrey)

Fall 2011

JAPN0475A-F11 Lecture (Snyder)

Spring 2011

JAPN0475A-S11 Seminar (Cavanaugh)

Fall 2010

JAPN0475A-F10 Lecture (Ogawa)

Fall 2009

JAPN0475A-F09 Lecture (Davis, Silver)

Fall 2008

JAPN0475A-F08 Lecture (Snyder, Davis, Takahashi)

Fall 2007

JAPN0475A-F07 Lecture (Snyder, Davis, Takahashi)

Fall 2006

JAPN0475A-F06 Lecture (Ogawa)

Fall 2005

JAPN0475A-F05 Lecture (Snyder)

Fall 2004

JAPN0475A-F04 Lecture (Ogawa)

Fall 2003

JAPN0475A-F03 Lecture (Davis)