JAPN 0236

History Modern Japan 1850-1945

History of Modern Japan, 1850-1945
This course reviews the major events and enduring questions of modern Japanese history beginning with the Meiji Restoration (1868) up to Japan’s defeat in World War II (1945). Through a variety of materials, including novels, philosophy, historical essays, and films, we will explore the formation of the modern Japanese nation-state, the “invention of tradition” in constructing a modern national identity, Japan’s colonial incursions into East Asia, 1920s mass culture, the consolidation of fascism in the 1930s, and the transwar legacies of early postwar Japan. We will pay particular attention to the relationship between transformations within Japan and larger global trends.
Japanese Studies
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HIST 0236 *


Spring 2024

JAPN0236A-S24 Lecture (Ward)

Spring 2018

JAPN0236A-S18 Lecture (Ward)

Spring 2017

JAPN0236A-S17 Lecture (Ward)

Spring 2015

JAPN0236A-S15 Lecture (Ward)

Fall 2013

JAPN0236A-F13 Lecture (Ward)
JAPN0236Y-F13 Discussion (Ward)
JAPN0236Z-F13 Discussion (Ward)

Fall 2012

JAPN0236A-F12 Lecture (Ward)
JAPN0236Y-F12 Discussion (Ward)
JAPN0236Z-F12 Discussion (Ward)

Spring 2012

JAPN0236A-S12 Lecture (Ward)
JAPN0236Y-S12 Discussion (Ward)
JAPN0236Z-S12 Discussion (Ward)

Fall 2010

JAPN0236A-F10 Lecture (Waters)
JAPN0236Y-F10 Discussion (Waters)
JAPN0236Z-F10 Discussion (Waters)

Fall 2009

JAPN0236A-F09 Lecture (Waters)
JAPN0236Y-F09 Discussion (Waters)
JAPN0236Z-F09 Discussion (Waters)

Spring 2008

JAPN0236A-S08 Lecture (Waters)
JAPN0236Y-S08 Discussion (Waters)
JAPN0236Z-S08 Discussion (Waters)

Spring 2007

JAPN0236A-S07 Lecture (Waters)
JAPN0236X-S07 Discussion (Waters)
JAPN0236Y-S07 Discussion (Waters)
JAPN0236Z-S07 Discussion (Waters)

Spring 2005

JAPN0236A-S05 Lecture (Waters)
JAPN0236Y-S05 Discussion (Waters)
JAPN0236Z-S05 Discussion (Waters)

Fall 2003

JAPN0236A-F03 Lecture (Waters)
JAPN0236B-F03 Lecture (Waters)