INTD 1089

Middlebury Entrepreneurs

Middlebury Entrepreneurs
Middlebury Entrepreneurs is a winter term course for students who want to learn the entrepreneurial framework, start their own business or non-profit organization, or generally learn about innovation, entrepreneurship, or venture capital. On their own or in groups, students will follow the process from ideation to launch quickly and effectively through class discussions, deliverables, and hands-on mentoring both from professors and visiting entrepreneurs and investors. While students are encouraged to apply to the course with a business idea they’d like to pursue as part of a team, it is not a requirement. Individuals without a concrete idea can become team members of other startups, or valuable “utility players,” filling the role of startup consultants or contractors. Class will be focused on building a prototype, testing the intended market or target group, and engaging with potential clients or customers. There is also a strong focus on meeting and connecting with innovation leaders and world renown companies right here in Vermont. Past field trips have included Burton Snowboards, Dealer.com, Mamava, as well as innovation and maker spaces around Vermont. At the conclusion of the course, teams or individuals will pitch their ideas to a panel of innovators, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders for the Will Nash Memorial prize. (Approval Required) (Pass/Fail)

David Bradbury is President of the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET) which offers expert business mentoring, venture capital, coworking and accelerator facilities, and substantive networking to the region’s entrepreneurs and next generation employers.

Samantha “Sam” Roach-Gerber is a 2013 graduate of Northeastern University where she studied Organizational Communication and Environmental Studies. As Director of Innovation at VCET, Sam oversees programming and partnerships, membership, events, communications and marketing; she also co-hosts VCET’s podcast, Start Here./
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Winter 2025

INTD1089A-W25 Seminar

Winter 2024

INTD1089A-W24 Seminar (Bradbury, Roach-Gerber)

Winter 2023

INTD1089A-W23 Seminar (Bradbury, Roach-Gerber)

Winter 2022

INTD1089A-W22 Seminar (Roach-Gerber, Bradbury)

Winter 2021

INTD1089A-W21 Seminar (Roach-Gerber, Bradbury)

Winter 2020

INTD1089A-W20 Seminar (Roach-Gerber, Bradbury)

Winter 2019

INTD1089A-W19 Seminar (Bradbury, Roach-Gerber)

Winter 2018

INTD1089A-W18 Seminar (Bradbury)

Winter 2017

INTD1089A-W17 Seminar (Bradbury, Reese)

Winter 2016

INTD1089A-W16 Seminar (Stickney, Bradbury)

Winter 2015

INTD1089A-W15 Seminar (Stickney, Bradbury)

Winter 2014

INTD1089A-W14 Seminar (Stickney, Bradbury)

Winter 2013

INTD1089A-W13 Seminar (Bradbury)

Winter 2012

INTD1089A-W12 Seminar (Holmes, Student Taught)

Winter 2011

INTD1089A-W11 Seminar (Claudon, Student Taught)

Winter 2010

INTD1089A-W10 Seminar (Claudon, Student Taught)

Winter 2009

INTD1089A-W09 Seminar (Claudon, Student Taught)