INTD 0317

Introduction to Finance

Introduction to Finance
In this introductory survey course we will cover the role of finance in society, the basic workings of the financial system, how funds are allocated within the economy, and how institutions raise money. We will cover a range of topics, including: interest rates and the time value of money; uncertainty and the trade-off between risk and return; security market efficiency; stocks, bonds and optimal capital structure; financing decisions and capital budgeting; sovereign risk; foreign currencies; derivatives markets; and concerns about the role of finance in society. The course will include discussions of current news events in global markets. Recommended: INTD 0316. Students who have not taken INTD 316 will be required to demonstrate basic proficiency in accounting. 3 hrs. lect/lab
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Spring 2018

INTD0317A-S18 Lecture (Schozer)
INTD0317B-S18 Lecture (Schozer)
INTD0317Z-S18 Lab (Schozer)

Spring 2017

INTD0317A-S17 Lecture (Schozer)
INTD0317B-S17 Lecture (Schozer)
INTD0317Z-S17 Lab (Schozer)

Spring 2016

INTD0317A-S16 Lecture (Schozer)
INTD0317B-S16 Lecture (Schozer)

Spring 2014

INTD0317A-S14 Lecture (Pardee, Colander)
INTD0317Y-S14 Lab (Pardee, Colander)
INTD0317Z-S14 Lab (Pardee, Colander)