INTD 0142

Nuclear Nonproliferation

Nuclear nonproliferation governance and decision-making
This course will explore the role of national and international organizations and decision-making processes in response to threats to peace and security, with specific emphasis on threats related to nuclear weapons. The course is aimed at students with limited or no experience in nuclear nonproliferation, arms control and disarmament, but interested in gaining basic understandings of how national governments and international agencies collaborate on issues related to the proliferation of nuclear weapons and associated delivery systems. The course will focus on national and international responses to nuclear proliferation, including the various a treaties, arrangements and mechanisms at the disposal of national governments. Students will explore the practical diplomatic tools and skills used in the context of nuclear nonproliferation governance and decision-making including arms control negotiations techniques, and decision-making processes by national and international agencies. 3 hrs. lect.
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Spring 2021

INTD0142A-S21 Lecture (du Preez)