IGST 0144

Core Texts of Europe

Foundations of European Studies: Texts, Contexts, and Legacies
In this course we will review major texts that serve as a foundation for understanding core aspects of European societies. Covering the period from the Hebrew Bible to Dante’s Inferno, we will read works of religion, literature, philosophy, and politics such as Homer’s Odyssey, Plato’s Republic, Virgil’s Aeneid, the New Testament, Beowulf, an Icelandic Saga, and Marco Polo’s Travels. We will focus on the context in which these texts were written and the legacies they produced for understanding Europe as a region, discussing themes such as friendship, loyalty, family, home, gender roles, slavery, power relations, and the definition of Europe itself. 3 hrs. sem.
International & Global Studies
International & Global Studies
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Fall 2024

IGST0144A-F24 Lecture

Fall 2023

IGST0144A-F23 Lecture (Bleich)