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IEMG 8520

Intl Educ Marketing/Recruiting

International Education Marketing and Recruiting

This course introduces the fundamental essentials of marketing and recruiting as a managerial process. Students who complete the course will understand how to make decisions as managers in educational organizations responsible for defining and operating recruiting and marketing strategies according to their selected mission. This decision-making process includes understanding how to identify and evaluate target market opportunities, define and articulate a value proposition for an educational service, and develop a promotional strategy that takes into consideration competitors and price sensitivities of the target market.

International Education Mgmt
International Education Mgmt
Intl Policy & Management
Requirements Fulfilled:


Fall 2022 - MIIS, MIIS Second Half of Term

IEMG8520A-F22 Lecture (Chatham)
IEMG8520B-F22 Lecture (Chatham)

Fall 2021 - MIIS, MIIS Second Half of Term

IEMG8520A-F21 Lecture (Chatham)
IEMG8520B-F21 Lecture (Chatham)

Spring 2021 - MIIS, MIIS Second Half of Term

IEMG8520A-S21 Lecture (Chatham)