HIST 0203

US History 1492-1861

United States History: 1492-1861
A survey of American political, social and intellectual developments from the colonial period to the Civil War. Students receiving AP credit in American history may not take HIST 0203 for credit. Pre-1800. 3 hrs. lect./disc.
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Fall 2019

HIST0203A-F19 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203B-F19 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203Y-F19 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Z-F19 Discussion (Hart)

Fall 2017

HIST0203A-F17 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203Y-F17 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Z-F17 Discussion (Hart)

Fall 2015

HIST0203A-F15 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203B-F15 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203X-F15 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Y-F15 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Z-F15 Discussion (Hart)

Fall 2014

HIST0203A-F14 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203Y-F14 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Z-F14 Discussion (Hart)

Fall 2012

HIST0203A-F12 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203B-F12 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203X-F12 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Y-F12 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Z-F12 Discussion (Hart)

Fall 2011

HIST0203A-F11 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203Y-F11 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Z-F11 Discussion (Hart)

Fall 2009

HIST0203A-F09 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203B-F09 Lecture (Hart)

Fall 2008

HIST0203A-F08 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203B-F08 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203W-F08 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203X-F08 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Y-F08 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Z-F08 Discussion (Hart)

Fall 2007

HIST0203A-F07 Lecture (Hart, Walther)
HIST0203B-F07 Lecture (Hart, Walther)
HIST0203T-F07 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203U-F07 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203V-F07 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203W-F07 Discussion (Walther)
HIST0203X-F07 Discussion (Walther)
HIST0203Y-F07 Discussion (Walther)

Fall 2006

HIST0203A-F06 Lecture (McCardell, Morsman)
HIST0203B-F06 Lecture (Morsman, McCardell)
HIST0203U-F06 Discussion (McCardell)
HIST0203V-F06 Discussion (McCardell)
HIST0203W-F06 Discussion (McCardell)
HIST0203X-F06 Discussion (Morsman)
HIST0203Y-F06 Discussion (Morsman)
HIST0203Z-F06 Discussion (Morsman)

Fall 2005

HIST0203A-F05 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203B-F05 Lecture (McCardell)
HIST0203C-F05 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203D-F05 Lecture (McCardell)
HIST0203R-F05 Discussion
HIST0203S-F05 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203T-F05 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203U-F05 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203V-F05 Discussion (Hart)

Fall 2004

HIST0203A-F04 Lecture (Ralph, Morsman)
HIST0203B-F04 Lecture (Ralph, Morsman)
HIST0203C-F04 Lecture
HIST0203D-F04 Lecture
HIST0203T-F04 Discussion
HIST0203U-F04 Discussion (Ralph)
HIST0203V-F04 Discussion (Ralph)
HIST0203W-F04 Discussion (Ralph)
HIST0203X-F04 Discussion (Ralph)
HIST0203Y-F04 Discussion (Morsman)
HIST0203Z-F04 Discussion (Morsman)

Fall 2003

HIST0203A-F03 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203B-F03 Lecture (Hart)
HIST0203C-F03 Lecture (Morsman)
HIST0203D-F03 Lecture (Morsman)
HIST0203T-F03 Discussion (Morsman)
HIST0203U-F03 Discussion (Morsman)
HIST0203V-F03 Discussion (Morsman)
HIST0203W-F03 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203X-F03 Discussion (Hart)
HIST0203Y-F03 Discussion (Hart)