HARC 0732

Senior Architectural Design II

Thesis in Architectural Studies: Design
This studio course constitutes the second part of the two-term senior design project in Architectural Studies. Building upon the architectural research, analysis, and preliminary design work conducted during the fall semester, students develop their thesis projects to a higher level of understanding and refinement. Students also engage in intense peer review and work with visiting design critics, concluding with public presentations of the final projects, and a project portfolio describing all aspects of the completed design. (HARC 0731) 6 hrs. sem.
History of Art & Architecture
History of Art & Architecture
Requirements Fulfilled:


Winter 2025

HARC0732A-W25 Lecture (McLeod)
HARC0732B-W25 Lecture (Ostrow)

Winter 2024

HARC0732A-W24 Lecture (McLeod, Ostrow)
HARC0732B-W24 Lecture (Ostrow, McLeod)

Spring 2023

HARC0732A-S23 Lecture

Winter 2023

HARC0732A-W23 Lecture (Allred)

Winter 2022

HARC0732A-W22 Lecture (Allred)

Winter 2021

HARC0732A-W21 Lecture (McLeod)

Winter 2020

HARC0732A-W20 Lecture (Allred)

Winter 2019

HARC0732A-W19 Lecture (McLeod)

Winter 2018

HARC0732A-W18 Lecture (McLeod)

Winter 2017

HARC0732A-W17 Lecture (McLeod)

Spring 2016

HARC0732A-S16 Lecture (McLeod)

Spring 2015

HARC0732A-S15 Lecture (McLeod)

Spring 2014

HARC0732A-S14 Lecture (McLeod)

Spring 2013

HARC0732A-S13 Lecture (McLeod, Andres)

Spring 2012

HARC0732A-S12 Lecture (McLeod, Cox)

Spring 2011

HARC0732A-S11 Lecture (McLeod, Cox)
HARC0732X-S11 Discussion (McLeod, Cox)
HARC0732Y-S11 Discussion (McLeod, Cox)

Spring 2010

HARC0732A-S10 Lecture (McLeod)
HARC0732X-S10 Discussion (McLeod)
HARC0732Y-S10 Discussion (McLeod)