HARC 0731

Arch Studies Research Thesis

Thesis in Architectural Studies: Research
This studio course constitutes the first part of the two-term senior design project in Architectural Studies. Pre-design research includes precedent study, programming, site analysis, and formulation of a thesis to be investigated through the design process. Preliminary design work begins with conceptual studies, and culminates in a coherent schematic design, to be developed further in Senior Architectural Design, Part II. Students present their work in graphic, oral, and written formats. (HARC 0330 or equivalent) 6 hrs. sem.
History of Art & Architecture
History of Art & Architecture
Requirements Fulfilled:
Equivalent Courses:


Fall 2023

HARC0731A-F23 Seminar (McLeod)
HARC0731B-F23 Seminar

Fall 2022

HARC0731A-F22 Seminar (Allred)

Fall 2021

HARC0731A-F21 Seminar (Allred)

Fall 2020

HARC0731A-F20 Seminar (McLeod)

Fall 2019

HARC0731A-F19 Seminar (Allred)

Fall 2018

HARC0731A-F18 Seminar (McLeod)

Fall 2017

HARC0731A-F17 Seminar (Lopez Barrera)

Fall 2016

HARC0731A-F16 Seminar (McLeod)

Fall 2015

HARC0731A-F15 Seminar (Lopez Barrera)

Fall 2014

HARC0731A-F14 Seminar (McLeod)

Fall 2013

HARC0731A-F13 Seminar (McLeod)

Winter 2013

HARC0731A-W13 Seminar (McLeod, Kredell)

Winter 2012

HARC0731A-W12 Seminar (McLeod, Cox)

Winter 2011

HARC0731A-W11 Seminar (Andres)

Winter 2010

HARC0731A-W10 Seminar (Hock)

Spring 2009

HARC0731A-S09 Senior Work (McLeod)

Spring 2008

HARC0731A-S08 Senior Work (McLeod)

Spring 2007

HARC0731A-S07 Senior Work (McLeod)

Spring 2006

HARC0731A-S06 Senior Work (Croft)

Spring 2005

HARC0731A-S05 Senior Work (Croft)

Spring 2004

HARC0731A-S04 Seminar (Croft)