HARC 0216

Intro to 3D Industrial Design

Intro to 3D Industrial Design
3D Printing and CNC machining have transformed how objects are designed, prototyped, and manufactured. In this course we will learn fundamental 3D solid modeling techniques, iterative design strategies, and a working knowledge of additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques. Every class will be hands- on and fully immersed in the high-tech tools of the industrial design process. Students will leave with a strong conceptual understanding of 3D solid modeling, printing and machining, and an independent final project. 3 hrs. lect/lab.
History of Art & Architecture
History of Art & Architecture
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Equivalent Courses:
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Spring 2024

HARC0216A-S24 Lecture

Spring 2023

HARC0216A-S23 Lecture (Houghton)

Fall 2012

HARC0216A-F12 Lecture (Garrison)

Fall 2010

HARC0216A-F10 Lecture (Garrison)

Fall 2007

HARC0216A-F07 Lecture (Garrison)

Spring 2007

HARC0216A-S07 Lecture (Garrison)

Fall 2006

HARC0216A-F06 Lecture

Fall 2005

HARC0216A-F05 Lecture (Garrison)

Fall 2004

HARC0216A-F04 Lecture (Garrison)

Spring 2004

HARC0216A-S04 Lecture (Rowe)