GSFS 0443

Readings in African History

Readings in African History: Women and Gender in Africa
This course takes up the challenge of understanding women's experiences and the role of gender in Africa's past. We will read from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives and literary forms, including ethnographies, life histories, and fiction, in order to explore different methodological and interpretive approaches to these subjects. Themes will include: changes in the structure of patriarchy and women's status in the pre-colonial period, the gendered impact of colonial rule on African economies and ecologies, historical identities of masculinity and femininity, and gendered experience of postcolonial "development." Prior experience in African history is not required. (formerly HIST/WAGS 0421) 3 hrs. seminar
Gender Sexuality &Fem. Studies
PrgGender/Sexuality/Fem. Study
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Equivalent Courses:
BLST 0443
HIST 0421
HIST 0443 *
WAGS 0443


Fall 2022

GSFS0443A-F22 Seminar (Tropp)

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GSFS0443A-F20 Seminar (Tropp)

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GSFS0443A-S20 Seminar

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GSFS0443A-S19 Seminar (Tropp)

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GSFS0443A-S17 Seminar (Tropp)