GSFS 0373

History of American Women

History of American Women: 1869-1999
This course will examine women's social, political, cultural, and economic position in American society from 1869 through the late 20th century. We will explore the shifting ideological basis for gender roles, as well as the effects of race, class, ethnicity, and region on women's lives. Topics covered will include: women's political identity, women's work, sexuality, access to education, the limits of "sisterhood" across racial and economic boundaries, and the opportunities women used to expand their sphere of influence. 3 hrs lect./disc.
Gender Sexuality &Fem. Studies
PrgGender/Sexuality/Fem. Study
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Equivalent Courses:
HIST 0373 *
AMCV 0373
WAGS 0373
AMST 0373


Fall 2024

GSFS0373A-F24 Lecture
GSFS0373X-F24 Discussion
GSFS0373Y-F24 Discussion
GSFS0373Z-F24 Discussion

Fall 2022

GSFS0373A-F22 Lecture (Morsman)
GSFS0373X-F22 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Y-F22 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Z-F22 Discussion (Morsman)

Fall 2021

GSFS0373A-F21 Lecture (Morsman)
GSFS0373Y-F21 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Z-F21 Discussion (Morsman)

Fall 2019

GSFS0373A-F19 Lecture (Morsman)
GSFS0373X-F19 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Y-F19 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Z-F19 Discussion (Morsman)

Fall 2018

GSFS0373A-F18 Lecture (Povitz)

Fall 2016

GSFS0373A-F16 Lecture (Morsman)
GSFS0373X-F16 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Y-F16 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Z-F16 Discussion (Morsman)

Fall 2015

GSFS0373A-F15 Lecture (Morsman)
GSFS0373X-F15 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Y-F15 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Z-F15 Discussion (Morsman)

Fall 2014

GSFS0373A-F14 Lecture (Morsman)
GSFS0373X-F14 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Y-F14 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Z-F14 Discussion (Morsman)

Fall 2013

GSFS0373A-F13 Lecture (Morsman)
GSFS0373X-F13 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Y-F13 Discussion (Morsman)
GSFS0373Z-F13 Discussion (Morsman)