GSFS 0304

Gender, Culture, & Power

Gender, Culture, and Power
This course offers a cross-cultural introduction to the issues involved in the study of women and gender. Such an endeavor raises a number of difficult and delicate issues. What explains the diversities and similarities in women's roles across societies? How do we assess women's status and power, and how do we decide which standards to use in doing so? What forces create changes in women's roles? What is the relationship between gender constructions and the nature of communities, economies, and even nations? Our analysis will concentrate on three primary domains: family and kinship, symbolic systems, and political economy. Course readings will focus primarily on non-Western societies. 3 hrs. lect./disc.
Gender Sexuality &Fem. Studies
PrgGender/Sexuality/Fem. Study
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Equivalent Courses:
ANTH 0304 *
SOAN 0304
WAGS 0304


Fall 2022

GSFS0304A-F22 Lecture (Oxfeld)

Fall 2020

GSFS0304A-F20 Lecture (Oxfeld)

Fall 2017

GSFS0304A-F17 Lecture (Oxfeld)

Spring 2017

GSFS0304A-S17 Lecture (Oxfeld)

Fall 2015

GSFS0304A-F15 Lecture (Oxfeld)
GSFS0304B-F15 Lecture (Oxfeld)

Spring 2014

GSFS0304A-S14 Lecture (Oxfeld)
GSFS0304B-S14 Lecture (Oxfeld)