GRMN 0201

Intermediate German

Intermediate German
GRMN 0201/0202 is a culture-based intermediate language sequence that focuses students' attention on intercultural aspects of language acquisition, vocabulary expansion, reading and writing strategies, and a review of grammar. It moves from a focus on issues of individual identity and personal experiences to a discussion of Germany today (GRMN 0201), explores national identity in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and supplies an overview of cultural history, literary achievements, and philosophical traditions in the German-speaking world (GRMN 0103 or equivalent, or GRMN 0111) 5 hrs. sem.
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Fall 2022

GRMN0201A-F22 Lecture (Graf)
GRMN0201B-F22 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)

Fall 2021

GRMN0201A-F21 Lecture (Graf)
GRMN0201B-F21 Lecture (Matthias)

Fall 2020

GRMN0201A-F20 Lecture (Wegener)
GRMN0201B-F20 Lecture (Matthias)

Fall 2019

GRMN0201A-F19 Lecture (Matthias)
GRMN0201B-F19 Lecture (Matthias)

Fall 2018

GRMN0201A-F18 Lecture (Matthias)
GRMN0201B-F18 Lecture (Graf)

Fall 2017

GRMN0201A-F17 Lecture (Matthias)
GRMN0201B-F17 Lecture (Graf)

Fall 2016

GRMN0201A-F16 Lecture (Matthias)
GRMN0201B-F16 Lecture (Graf)

Fall 2015

GRMN0201A-F15 Lecture (Russi)
GRMN0201B-F15 Lecture (Graf)

Fall 2014

GRMN0201A-F14 Lecture (Russi)
GRMN0201B-F14 Lecture (Matthias)

Fall 2013

GRMN0201A-F13 Lecture (Russi)
GRMN0201B-F13 Lecture (Matthias)

Fall 2012

GRMN0201A-F12 Lecture (Russi)
GRMN0201B-F12 Lecture (Graf)

Fall 2011

GRMN0201A-F11 Lecture (Graf)
GRMN0201B-F11 Lecture (Graf)

Fall 2010

GRMN0201A-F10 Lecture (Russi)
GRMN0201B-F10 Lecture (Graf)

Fall 2009

GRMN0201A-F09 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)
GRMN0201B-F09 Lecture (Eppelsheimer)

Fall 2008

GRMN0201A-F08 Lecture (Graf)
GRMN0201B-F08 Lecture (Graf)

Fall 2007

GRMN0201A-F07 Lecture (Matthias)
GRMN0201B-F07 Lecture (Murti)

Fall 2006

GRMN0201A-F06 Lecture (Stimmel)
GRMN0201B-F06 Lecture (Stimmel)

Fall 2005

GRMN0201A-F05 Lecture (Southern)
GRMN0201B-F05 Lecture (Stimmel)

Fall 2004

GRMN0201A-F04 Lecture (Stimmel)
GRMN0201B-F04 Lecture (Geisler)
GRMN0201C-F04 Lecture (Geisler)

Fall 2003

GRMN0201A-F03 Lecture (Evers)
GRMN0201B-F03 Lecture (Murti)
GRMN0201C-F03 Lecture (Murti)