GEOG 0320

GIS Applications

GIS Applications
This course introduces the structure, concepts, and application of geographic information systems (GIS): computer-based systems designed to process large spatial databases. The productive use of GIS technology in the physical and social sciences, environmental management, and regional planning is investigated through a variety of applied exercises and problems. (Not open to first-year and sophomore students) 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab.
Social Sciences
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Spring 2012

GEOG0320A-S12 Lecture (Christman)
GEOG0320Y-S12 Lab (Christman)
GEOG0320Z-S12 Lab (Christman)

Fall 2011

GEOG0320A-F11 Lecture (Howarth)
GEOG0320X-F11 Lab (Howarth)
GEOG0320Y-F11 Lab (Howarth)
GEOG0320Z-F11 Lab (Christman)

Spring 2011

GEOG0320A-S11 Lecture (Kugler)
GEOG0320Y-S11 Lab (Kugler)
GEOG0320Z-S11 Lab (Kugler)

Fall 2010

GEOG0320A-F10 Lecture (Howarth)
GEOG0320X-F10 Lab (Kugler)
GEOG0320Y-F10 Lab (Howarth)
GEOG0320Z-F10 Lab (Howarth)

Spring 2010

GEOG0320A-S10 Lecture (Dana)
GEOG0320Y-S10 Lab (Dana)
GEOG0320Z-S10 Lab (Dana)

Fall 2009

GEOG0320A-F09 Lecture (Howarth)
GEOG0320X-F09 Lab (Howarth)
GEOG0320Y-F09 Lab (Howarth)
GEOG0320Z-F09 Lab (Hegman)

Spring 2009

GEOG0320A-S09 Lecture (Howarth)
GEOG0320Y-S09 Lab (Howarth)
GEOG0320Z-S09 Lab (Howarth)

Fall 2008

GEOG0320A-F08 Lecture (Schroeder)
GEOG0320X-F08 Lab (Schroeder)
GEOG0320Y-F08 Lab (Schroeder)
GEOG0320Z-F08 Lab (Hegman)

Spring 2008

GEOG0320A-S08 Lecture (Howarth)
GEOG0320Y-S08 Lab (Howarth)
GEOG0320Z-S08 Lab (Howarth)

Fall 2007

GEOG0320A-F07 Lecture (Schroeder)
GEOG0320X-F07 Lab (Schroeder)
GEOG0320Y-F07 Lab (Schroeder)
GEOG0320Z-F07 Lab (Howarth)

Spring 2007

GEOG0320A-S07 Lecture
GEOG0320Y-S07 Lab
GEOG0320Z-S07 Lab

Fall 2006

GEOG0320A-F06 Lecture (Hegman)
GEOG0320X-F06 Lab (Hegman)
GEOG0320Y-F06 Lab (Nelson)
GEOG0320Z-F06 Lab (Hegman)

Spring 2006

GEOG0320A-S06 Lecture (Brunskill)
GEOG0320Y-S06 Lab (Brunskill)
GEOG0320Z-S06 Lab (Brunskill)

Fall 2005

GEOG0320A-F05 Lecture (Brunskill)
GEOG0320X-F05 Lab (Brunskill)
GEOG0320Y-F05 Lab (Brunskill)
GEOG0320Z-F05 Lab (Brunskill)

Spring 2005

GEOG0320A-S05 Lecture (Knowles)
GEOG0320Y-S05 Lab (Knowles)
GEOG0320Z-S05 Lab (Knowles)

Fall 2004

GEOG0320A-F04 Lecture (Churchill)
GEOG0320X-F04 Lab (Churchill)
GEOG0320Y-F04 Lab (Knowles)
GEOG0320Z-F04 Lab (Knowles)

Spring 2004

GEOG0320A-S04 Lecture (Churchill)
GEOG0320Y-S04 Lab (Churchill)
GEOG0320Z-S04 Lab (Churchill)

Fall 2003

GEOG0320A-F03 Lecture (Churchill)
GEOG0320X-F03 Lab (Churchill)
GEOG0320Y-F03 Lab (Churchill)
GEOG0320Z-F03 Lab (Knowles)