FREN 6640F

History of Paris

*This course is located in Paris, France. *

A history of Paris from the Reign of Henri IV until the Revolution

At the end of the 18th century, Paris was known as one of the most important and largest capital cities in Europe. Travelers, diplomats, philosophers, and other observers described and criticized it, demonstrating their interest in this “microcosm of the world”; as they did, we will visit the city and draw our own lessons and conclusions. This course is designed to help students understand the characteristics of the urban and social history of the capital of the French monarchy. As the political capital city, Paris was inseparable from the major events in French history. This course is open to all students, not just historians; it will explore multiple, different aspects of the history of the city and can be adapted to students’ backgrounds and interests. Lectures will be supplemented by slideshows.

Required texts :

FIERRO, Alfred, Histoire et dictionnaire de Paris, Paris, « Bouquins », Robert Laffont, 1996. ISBN 978-2-221-07862-4
Dictionnaire historique de Paris, Paris, « La pochothèque », Librairie générale Française, 2013. ISBN 978-2-253-13140-3
Ces livres seront disponibles en consultation sur place à la bibliothèque du Centre Madeleine à Paris.
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