FMMC 0252

Hitchcock & Renoir

Authorship & Cinema: Hitchcock and Renoir
Alfred Hitchcock and Jean Renoir are commonly regarded as two of the greatest filmmakers in history, yet their cinematic styles stand in sharp contrast to one another. In this course, we will survey the careers of these two directors, viewing a representative selection of their films and considering the national production contexts in which they worked. Most importantly, we will engage in careful analysis of their works in order to understand the ways in which their approaches to film style resulted in sharply contrasting ideas of cinema and the world. Films screened will include: The 39 Steps, Notorious, Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho (Hitchcock); Toni, The Crime of Monsieur Lange, Grande Illusion, Rules of the Game (Renoir). (FMMC 0101 or 0102)
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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FMMC 0342


Fall 2022

FMMC0252A-F22 Lecture (Keathley)
FMMC0252Z-F22 Screening (Keathley)

Fall 2020

FMMC0252A-F20 Lecture (Keathley)

Winter 2018

FMMC0252A-W18 Lecture (Grindon)

Fall 2016

FMMC0252A-F16 Lecture (Keathley)

Spring 2015

FMMC0252A-S15 Lecture (Uricaru)

Winter 2012

FMMC0252A-W12 Lecture (Grindon)

Fall 2011

FMMC0252A-F11 Lecture (Perry)

Fall 2010

FMMC0252A-F10 Lecture (Perry)

Fall 2009

FMMC0252A-F09 Lecture (Perry)

Spring 2009

FMMC0252A-S09 Lecture (Keathley)

Winter 2009

FMMC0252A-W09 Lecture (Grindon)