FMMC 0250

Chinese Cinema

Chinese Cinema
This course, taught in English, surveys the history of movies in China since the 1930s and also offers an in-depth look at the work of: China's fifth-generation directors of the 1980s and their successors up to the present; Taiwan's new wave; and Hong Kong popular cinema, including martial arts film. Our focus is the screening and discussion of films such as The Goddess (a 1934 silent classic), Stage Sisters (1965; directed by the influential Xie Jin), the controversial Yellow Earth (1984), In the Heat of the Sun (a 1994 break with the conventional representation of the Cultural Revolution), Yang Dechang's masterpiece A One and a Two (2000), and Still Life (Jia Zhangke's 2006 meditation on displacement near the Three Gorges Dam). The course is designed to help students understand the place of cinema in Chinese culture and develop the analytical tools necessary for the informed viewing and study of Chinese film. We will look at everything from art film, to underground film, to recent box office hits. (No prerequisites) One evening film screening per week. 3 hrs. lect./disc.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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Spring 2023

FMMC0250A-S23 Lecture (Moran)
FMMC0250B-S23 Lecture (Moran)

Spring 2020

FMMC0250A-S20 Lecture (Moran)
FMMC0250B-S20 Lecture (Moran)

Spring 2016

FMMC0250A-S16 Lecture (Moran)

Spring 2015

FMMC0250A-S15 Lecture (Moran)

Fall 2013

FMMC0250A-F13 Lecture (Moran)

Fall 2009

FMMC0250A-F09 Lecture (Moran)

Fall 2008

FMMC0250A-F08 Lecture (Moran)
FMMC0250B-F08 Lecture (Moran)

Spring 2007

FMMC0250A-S07 Lecture (Moran)

Spring 2005

FMMC0250A-S05 Lecture (Moran)

Fall 2003

FMMC0250A-F03 Lecture (Moran)