FMMC 0134

Hollywood Genres

Hollywood Genres
This course will study the form and development of Hollywood film genres such as the science fiction film, the gangster film, the musical, and the romantic comedy, in order to determine what we can learn from these texts about ourselves and our culture. The conventions, archetypes, common plots, and key dramatic conflicts of various genres will be outlined and their meaning analyzed. The historical transformation of genres will be highlighted. Screening, readings, and written reports. (Formerly FMMC/AMCV 0134) 2 hrs. lect./ 3 hrs. screen/1 hr. disc.
Film & Media Culture
Film & Media Culture
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AMST 0134
AMCV 0134


Spring 2011

FMMC0134A-S11 Lecture (Grindon)

Fall 2007

FMMC0134A-F07 Lecture (Grindon)
FMMC0134W-F07 Discussion (Grindon)
FMMC0134X-F07 Discussion (Grindon)
FMMC0134Y-F07 Discussion (Grindon)

Fall 2006

FMMC0134A-F06 Lecture (Grindon)
FMMC0134W-F06 Discussion (Grindon)
FMMC0134X-F06 Discussion (Grindon)
FMMC0134Y-F06 Discussion (Grindon)

Fall 2005

FMMC0134A-F05 Lecture (Grindon)
FMMC0134W-F05 Discussion (Grindon)
FMMC0134X-F05 Discussion (Grindon)
FMMC0134Y-F05 Discussion (Grindon)

Fall 2004

FMMC0134A-F04 Lecture

Fall 2003

FMMC0134A-F03 Lecture (Grindon)
FMMC0134W-F03 Discussion (Grindon)
FMMC0134X-F03 Discussion (Grindon)
FMMC0134Y-F03 Discussion (Grindon)